My early morning hunt for blog posts :)

Remember how I wrote about a neighbourhood Uncle a few days back, and how he used to address me Moti?

Well, today morning we bumped into each other again, and what followed was magical! (Okay, not magical, yet surprising :D)

  • He didn’t address me like that
  • Which indeed made me talk to him for a while
  • And then he started his usual Uncle kinda talks to say: “When are you going back to Delhi (I would’ve told you if I knew the answer), “Do you have a vacancy for CA in Delhi (There are hazaar vacancies, however, this is not how life works bro); and my nephew in Ahmedabad is looking for a job (Will he really listen to a female helping him to search a job? – I’d love to help, if he is willing to be helped :D)

Chalo, the essence of this post was that now both that Uncle and me are away from our “addressing” me blatantly issues to the usual ones 🙂

Aal is well!

Wierd is the new normal

In all the things that everyone describes as “normal”, we all have one thing that we DON’T do.

Even if everyone in the world is doing it, we don’t do it.

In “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, the author Daniel Kanheman talks about why we tend to lower down the volume in the car while searching for parking spots – because parking requires a thought process and even music comes as a distraction.

It is such a subconscious process, that we hardly realise that we do

it. As it comes to doing weird things with my life, I can never work with music.

Nor can I read a book accompanied with music.

Not even meals :/

That focus is a necessity for me, and music comes in when I am seriously sitting idle or (the good old days) when we were allowed to drive on the roads:)

Like most people, I DON’T listen to music “at all times”!


Sometimes, go against what you normally do.

Sometimes, smile at the person who irks you.

Sometimes, bless the person who has caused you the maximum pain.

Sometimes, just let people fly away with the credit.

Sometimes, sleep earlier than usual.

Sometimes, skip scrolling Instagram.

Sometimes, sit back and enjoy your life at home.

Sometimes, let others know their opinions matter.

Sometimes, just life be, instead of “doing” life.