I often think about irrelevance.
What will make you irrelevant?

When someone else takes your job?
When you grow but miss your roots?
When you think there is something that, if taken away from you, you will lose your identity?

The truth is, whatever you have, will be taken away from you.
If not now, on your death.

Thus, the fear of irrelevance is technically the insecurity of giving up all you have.

Now that you know that it will go away anyway, how to deal with it?

  1. By being the most positive person you know.
  2. By being the most thoughtful person you know
  3. By making people so powerful that they grow and nurture by themselves.
  4. By not worrying about ego satiety, and caring about how your vibes nurture people.
  5. More than anything else, know that you matter, and you bring things to the table that no one else can.

What do you stand for?

If something in the work goes wrong, do you own it up or let it hide under the covers – until it finally does come out!

If someone in the team has failed to deliver on a project, do you help them out or do you go to the manager?

If someone in family wants a solution, do you sit and listen?

What we stand for, stands along with us.

What we do, becomes our bio-data.

The real choice is when we have a dilemma, not when life is vanilla.

The best shot

I will publish my article when I would have given my best.

I will apply for that interview when I am 100% ready.

I will talk to them when I am in a great frame of mind.

I will, when I…

This is an easy way to say you don’t have the time, the resources, the ability, and most importantly, the self confidence to create work.

Done is better than perfect, says Seth Godin.

Once you get into this groove of doing, doing excellent will automatically follow as the next right move.

We need to learn to walk first, if we want to win a marathon some day.


Sometimes, go against what you normally do.

Sometimes, smile at the person who irks you.

Sometimes, bless the person who has caused you the maximum pain.

Sometimes, just let people fly away with the credit.

Sometimes, sleep earlier than usual.

Sometimes, skip scrolling Instagram.

Sometimes, sit back and enjoy your life at home.

Sometimes, let others know their opinions matter.

Sometimes, just life be, instead of “doing” life.

What do you do?

“What do you do,” is a beautiful way to tell people what they shouldn’t be doing.

Most people don’t love their work, and those who do, will have it evident on their faces. So you needn’t ask them anyway.

Instead, create an environment for them where they are ready to open up. For example, “what keeps you happy,” or “what’s something interesting about you that makes you happily weird?”

Our job, as human beings, is not to go to the roots of “human doings”. Our job, is rather to bring out the “being” in every doing.

So, what do you do?

Who does the right thing?

Who does the right thing these days?

Those who want to sleep peacefully, not take insomnia medicines, and those who rise higher single single day.

Every day, is a day to perform.

Or, every day, is a day to give up on who you are meant to be, by not being that and doing the wrong thing.

What shall you doeth, Caesar?