Candy Crush rules

It is hard.

The easiest thing is to sit on the couch and eat French fries. Or play Candy Crush.

Waking up in the morning and working out relentlessly didn’t come easy to Jordan as well.

It is going to take a lot out of you to get there. Yet if you don’t make the efforts to get there you will get to a place it would be very difficult to get back from.

Working requires hard work.

Doing nothing requires hardest work to deal with yourself.

You get to decide.

The light

The light is always there.

Beyond the clouds when the flight takes off.

After the dawn.

Inside a book.

Everywhere there is the light.

We just need to let it know that it is important. It is needed. It is powerful.

How to predict your future accurately

If there were a workshop where you were taught how to create your future, versus an astrologer offering you horoscopes, where would you go?

If you are like most people, you’d definitely love to go to the astrologer.

If you are not like most people and are still reading, use the following parameters to predict your future accurately:

A. If all that you do is for uplifting yourself and making your life better, your future looks bright.

B. If along with that, you ALWAYS have a big goal of making other people great and rise higher, there is nothing that can stop you.

O, btw, anyone going to the astrologer?

What should not come along with growth

Growth is snazzy.

Rising upwards comes with higher tides.

Success feels cool and fun.

Yet what none of this should bring along with it is, making others feel smaller or insignificant because you have risen higher.

It’s the slightest and loftiest form of ego, which comes at the cost of bigger success.

Best part is, only you can do your self analysis and pluck out the weeds, or they shall take up the space meant for green plants.

Who does the right thing?

Who does the right thing these days?

Those who want to sleep peacefully, not take insomnia medicines, and those who rise higher single single day.

Every day, is a day to perform.

Or, every day, is a day to give up on who you are meant to be, by not being that and doing the wrong thing.

What shall you doeth, Caesar?