Lessons from the lit train journey

Travelling in a train right now.

Started late afternoon. Will reach at night.

Thought something incredible:

During the day, when we peep out the glass window, we see nature.

As it gets dark, and we peep out, all that we see is our own reflection. Nothing external.

Darkness reveals ourselves to us. The pain, powerlessness and peeping for peace – show us who we really are.

No matter how much we wait for the morning to come, if we ignore the dark, we create another version of our dark in the light as well.

Lit 🔥

Looking at sunshine.

Looking at moonlight.

The light that you are looking for, is the light that is within.

The question is, do the clouds of the life that hold you back hamper your light, or your sunshine shines irrespective of anything else in the world?

The light

The light is always there.

Beyond the clouds when the flight takes off.

After the dawn.

Inside a book.

Everywhere there is the light.

We just need to let it know that it is important. It is needed. It is powerful.