Why you MUST take an off

Even though you love your work,
Even though you feel energised,
Even though your boss is super-supportive by not micromanaging you

You must take an off on the weekends and on the festivals.

Because things that are meant to be enjoyed and relished are the things that are meant to be enjoyed and relished.

There is no substitute to not spending time with yourself and reflecting, because only in emptiness you get to understand yourself.

Which makes you all the more productive when you return to work.

Met my love on Diwali

Had decided to not work today.

But opened up the laptop and did an hour of writing. Felt like bliss.

Up until last Diwali when I used to have a job I didn’t like, I never opened the laptop for the 5 days of Diwali. Now that isn’t the case, thankfully:)

This is what true love is 💖

Keep looking, and don’t settle.

– Steve Jobs

Lit 🔥

Looking at sunshine.

Looking at moonlight.

The light that you are looking for, is the light that is within.

The question is, do the clouds of the life that hold you back hamper your light, or your sunshine shines irrespective of anything else in the world?