Meeting with my boss

Yesterday I had a usual meeting with my boss, and he told me to not worry about work.

He also offered to back me up for my work, and was glad I took some time to reflect.

I, in fact, offered to do some work today since I was offered in the evening, and he refused.

Bestest boss ever!!

Why you MUST take an off

Even though you love your work,
Even though you feel energised,
Even though your boss is super-supportive by not micromanaging you

You must take an off on the weekends and on the festivals.

Because things that are meant to be enjoyed and relished are the things that are meant to be enjoyed and relished.

There is no substitute to not spending time with yourself and reflecting, because only in emptiness you get to understand yourself.

Which makes you all the more productive when you return to work.

Questions companies should ask their best employees

  1. When you go (and if you do), what could be the reason?
  2. What makes you most insecure right now?
  3. What is the best part of your work?
  4. How do you feel about work on your worst days? How could we make it better?
  5. How do you feel about work on your best days? How could we do more of those?
  6. What part of the job you hate?
  7. If you had to change one thing forever, what would that be?
  8. What would be a part of struggle that you look forward to?
  9. What is an unnecessary struggle?
  10. Do you sometimes tend to lose your faith on the company? How can we make sure that the trust remains intact?
  11. How can we make your job a better place to be?

4 stages of making money

There are 4 stages of making money:

Stage 1:
Have no money, use your time to make more money.

Stage 2:
Have good enough money, where you don’t know what to do with it.
Still using your time to make more money.

Stage 3:
You pause from using your time to make more money.
Learn to make the best use of your free time.
And are still enjoying the more money that comes in.

Stage 4:
You do less, and you make more.
More than you could imagine.
Also, you have as much free time as you want!

7 Tips No One Tells You, To Succeed At Work

7 life lessons no one teaches you about succeeding at work:

  1. If you are taking up extra work, it goes without saying that it will not affect your existing work.
  2. You can be best friends. Or you can do your work without biases. You can’t do both.
  3. If no one has to follow up with you, you are gold.
  4. Keeping your commitments and sharing your work status – are the two things that will make you a star.
  5. It is not the hours of work you put in. It is the heart in those hours you put in – that makes the entire difference!
  6. When you start giving away credit, you stop craving for it in the first place.
  7. Read #4 again.

Productivity in WFH

  1. Read a book for 10 minutes in breaks.
  2. Don’t worry about WhatsApp validation. If it comes one day, some day you will be sad about WhatsApp criticism. Calmness in either is the juice.
  3. Write that mundane activity also down on paper.
  4. You have a life beyond the screen.
  5. People are good. Just that so much exposure to screen has lead their mind to stop being empathetic – which usually comes when we go out and have a walk 🙂

A Mastery in saying no

The vibe never lies.
Your soul shouldn’t be exchanged even in lieu of diamonds.

In the past two weeks, I said no to two writing gigs that could have made me six figures.

And since the money involved is too big, first response is to ignore everything and jump on it.

However, in both those cases, I realized I wouldn’t be happy or be myself – I would be just putting a price tag on my soul. And that is the last thing I signed up for.

Thus, I said no. Without surprise, felt light and easy beyond measure.

The best Content Writer is also a contented writer – who is feeling contented with every business relationship they have.

That doesn’t mean not having more gigs. However, that does mean feeling happy while doing the work – and trusting yourself, that when you say no when the vibe doesn’t match, much better ones with better vibes come to you.

Standing for yourself is priceless.