Speak less.
And when you do, let your two words make the mark of a lifetime.

Work more on yourself.
It would make the work of working on others easier.

Sleep early.
The next day would be brighter.

Have a great week.
Your life matters.

Why? Why??

Sometimes we will never know why.

Sometimes we will never know why.

That is the explanation I have for you.

What I do know is: When things don’t happen as we wanted them to, always something great comes out of them. Always.

Have faith in yourself.
If you won’t, who will?

Lessons of life – 18 Jan 2021

Some life lessons that helped me today, might do that to you as well:

  1. Communicate. Don’t think this is obvious. People don’t love surprises, and so won’t we when we will realise our assumptions didn’t exist with them.
  2. People need love. Even when they give you hate. Once you get to this balance of giving them despite what they give you, you will be unconquerable.
  3. There is no black and white. Try looking for grey things, that will help you out.
  4. NOTHING can substitute learning from good books and knowledge each day. Each day.
  5. If you want to look and feel young, work yourself out! Same applies to the mind 🙂

The idea of a happy life

When I had initially come home during lockdown, I had thought I would finally be happy when I will go back to Delhi.

I had thought I will be happy when I get my freedom, but it isn’t denied to me here either.
I had thought I would have good places to shop, but life is anyway being lived in the same pyjama since eternity:)
I had thought my parents wanted to stop me here forever, but they don’t, which makes me live here happily.

Don’t know when going to Delhi will be possible like before, but I am now starting to be happy with my dysfunctional family. Especially since opportunities to work and make money are infinite with zero compromise on my daily power naps and evening walks and morning workouts and what not!!!

We wait for an idea of the future hoping for things to get better, not realising it is getting created here and now – with what we think and what we do.


When we love someone, we don’t want to cry for them.
Because had they been around, they wouldn’t have liked seeing us cry.

Go live your life in the happiest version possible, in a manner had they been around.
Not because you are rejoicing that they went, rather because we want to let them know that in order to keep them happy, we will stay happy.

Our happiness is a token to tell them back, that we love them

Nothing to say

Today there’s nothing much to say.

Lost a close Uncle. Had met him two days after Diwali, last month. Little did anyone of us know that this was the last one.

While we were cordial and cool in our last meeting, I do realise that we don’t know which one is going to be our last meeting.

Lesson: Treat every meeting with people like the last one. We never know.

Never shared before life lessons

These life lessons are deep, and never shared.

Here you go:

  1. Imitate the one you want to become. Allow for no deviation with lesser standards.
  2. A drunkard doesn’t have awareness of the world around them. Are you so much drunk in what you have and what you are becoming, that you don’t have awareness of the negativity and poison around you?
  3. A phone connection is flawless when we have a clear network. Is your network to your intuition clear, or is it flawed by opinions of others?
  4. Desire is the seed of killing yourself, if you know you know.
  5. Being kind and having sweetness in your demeanour isn’t a waste. It is, in fact, the best thing you could do to yourself. And the world, which by default worships the rare diamonds.

PS: Number 6 — Diamonds are formed under pressure 🙂

Negative life lessons for a positive life

Negative things about getting a positive life

1. Honesty is an expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.
– Warren Buffet

2. When people show you who they are, believe them.
– Maya Angelou

3. The best way to deal with corporate politics is to live by and speak your truth. It will make you undefeatable.

4. People will play games against you. Worry not, for they not know against whom are they playing the real game.

5. Don’t trust your extremely good or bad moods. What happens in the middle – your intuitions, people’s behaviours, what you want to do – that is the real stuff.

Some small reflections about life, that were sadly not as positive, however, very important to inch towards positivity and not being affected by the negativity of others.

I felt soooo happy!

A friend asked me about a book recommendation on mental health.

I was soooo soooo happy!

Gave her my favourite one, along with a few that could rank after it.

But you know what, the feeling was epic.

Which brings me to…ahem ahem!

I will start writing book summaries soon. Even the thought is good enough to keep me up at night. However, when you sleep well, you create well.

So, see you all soon with consistent book reviews. Whoa, I could die in a library 🙂

PS: When my friend asked for book reccos, I didn’t tell her the names or Amazon links, I clicked pictures of the books I love and sent those. Totally loved it!!!