Happy this Dushehra?

As a kid, we used to go to my Naani’s home to witness Ravan being slayed.

Over a period of time as we grew up, Nana passed away and Naani got older, the tradition stopped.

This time, when there is no Dushehra mela, it reminds of something deeper: that some day there will be nothing more.

And it won’t be sad. It would rather be a reminder of how much inner evils we need to uproot. Because if we have uprooted all of them, we’d be happy by default.


Either you do something good or bad, there will be people questioning you.

Just make sure you don’t question yourself.

That doesn’t mean not making the mistakes, it rather means not owning your life.

Own your life.

Don’t question yourself at the end of it that why you gave up.

That little tinge of kindness

August 2017.
It was a usual day at work.
I went to the Operations Head, asking to share the records and documents needed for my work.

Back then, I used to work as an Internal Auditor, and the core job was visiting branches and conducting audits, with the help of branch operations team.

This fine day, as I was going back to my desk after talking with the Operations Head, when she called my name and said, “You always look stunning!”

And it took a moment for my mask of “follow me I am the auditor” to more of a humble, kinder human.

That of course, didn’t affect my work, however, it did tell me that it’s super important to appreciate people for their little things.

As my bosses used to say: “Neither of you are against each other, you both are working for the bank.”

PS: If you do not want AI to replace you, learn from this girl who showed the human side of her.

PPS: No, it didn’t affect my report however it did affect how I reflect on life.

And that’s super important 🙂

One art that makes all the difference

If there is one skill to learn forever, it is the skill to say “no”.

No to the colleague who makes fun of our values.
No to the activities that you don’t want to sign up for.
No to the client that anyway doesn’t respect your material.

However, the people that say the most “no’s” are the people that say a lot of “yes” to the right things. And if we have not mastered the art of saying no to others, we are ultimately saying “no” to ourselves. Is that the life you want to live?

What is the cost of your dreams?

What is the cost of your dreams?


You will be misunderstood. You will be ridiculed. You will be criticised.

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

All of this will happen at the times you need the most support.
All of this will happen when you least expect it.
All this will happen when you need a clean mind to execute on your dreams.

Despite this, please continue!

Despite this, please move ahead!

Because if you don’t, those people have already won. And you know what, those people are not intending anything bad against you, they just don’t know better.

And if you’ll follow them, won’t that be the same treatment to yourself?

The goal of all problems is just one:
To get you closer to your goals and your Best Self.

Use your problems to get better. And show the world yourself about how strong you are.

Best life advice (no one will ever give you)

When you’re not listening to your heart, things will fall apart.

When you do things that you don’t want to, things will still fall apart.

When you sell your soul, there would be nothing left.

Living life on your terms is difficult – this is the thought process fit into our brain.

However, when you live life on the terms of the society by killing yourself daily, you are already dead.

The best life advice ever is: Life life on your own terms. Everything else will just fall for you. (Try falling for yourself, baby! )

Life lessons – 18 Aug 2020

1. Maturity in life is accepting that someone in family that was closest to you dome day, isn’t close anymore.

2. When you don’t check an email / notification immediately because it isn’t important, you become more powerful. (PS: 95% aren’t important.)

3. Speak your truth even when your voice shakes. The only person going to be with you from start of life to end is you, and if you don’t speak your truth, do you really want to live with a liar all your life?

4. Parkinson’s Law is as real as gravity.

5. Focus. Focus. Focus is the ultimate asset.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni announced his retirement today.

The sad pic of that semi-final match in WC 2019.

Sad we live in a society that makes a gem retire because he couldn’t get us to the Finals of the World Cup.

PS: How could we forget it was a team of 11 players on the field?

How could we forget we trusted him so much that we depended only on him?

I have never been a cricket fan. Never watch matches.

However, the next time someone doesn’t get the score you think they should get, don’t treat them like as a society we treated Dhoni.

You will be loved forever MS! For all the things you didn’t say 💖