The story of overnight success

The story of overnight success.

1. The “rasoda” jam singer Yashraj Mukhate recently moved from 30K+ followers on Instagram to 943K+ followers.

2. The singer Lisa Mishra recorded a combo of “Taareefaan” and “Let me love you” and few days later, she was called by Rhea Kapoor to sing a playback.

3. Elizabeth Gilbert was struggling before “Eat Pray Love’ came up, after which she even graced the Oscars.

What we see as overnight success of all these people, we fail to recognise that:

1. They had been creating content for long before the “overnight success” happened.

2. The life altering success happened just once, however they continued their relevance by working hard on future projects, instead of being complacent.

What is this trying to teach us?

1. It takes the good old hard work to get to the success.

2. It takes hard work even when we don’t feel like doing it.

3. Maybe very few of us will have this overnight success, however, we will always have a version of success where we were proud while going to bed, instead of being regretful.

It’s a choice we get to make, every single day.

Life lessons – 18 Aug 2020

1. Maturity in life is accepting that someone in family that was closest to you dome day, isn’t close anymore.

2. When you don’t check an email / notification immediately because it isn’t important, you become more powerful. (PS: 95% aren’t important.)

3. Speak your truth even when your voice shakes. The only person going to be with you from start of life to end is you, and if you don’t speak your truth, do you really want to live with a liar all your life?

4. Parkinson’s Law is as real as gravity.

5. Focus. Focus. Focus is the ultimate asset.

Life lessons from today

1. Taking notes while reading is an excellent way to grasp (and re-read) important information.

2. Don’t worry about the next 8 years, think about the next 8 days and executing super hard on them.

3. “Don’t charge for how much time it takes you. Charge for the value you provide.” – Ankur Warikoo

4. Hanging around with the right people is priceless. Even if you’re paid less, figuring out how to earn money from other sources would be easier.

5. What you think about, you being about. Never the other way round.

6. Spending less time on Twitter and Instagram is a phenomenal saving of your time. Time = money. Period.

7. Feeling sad is a habit more than circumstances. So is feeling happy no matter what.

Lessons from today

1. The only way to feeling good is listening and reading inspirational stuff. This may sound boring, however once you start, it ain’t leaving you.

2. But that exposure to stuff won’t change your life. Your life will be changed when you move out of the noise and reflect on what all you learnt. When you become your own teacher and give yourself some homework, that’s when life changes.

3. Your old habits are waiting at your doorstep if you’re not strict with enforcing your newer, better habits.

4. Where there is true love, you accept people as they are.

5. If you want to change something with them, it’s perhaps because they’re reflecting your insecurities and incompleteness.

That’s it for today, folks! See you tomorrow 😌.

Cute life lessons

1. Never take a decision with a bad mood. See after two weeks of right mood if that was the right decision.

2. Replacing Instagram with Medium is the best emotional investment ever.

3. Paying your bills on time is a reflection of how eased out your life is.

4. Having to tap dance at work is the goal you have signed up for.

5. There is incredible upside in being honest. Never give up on being that.

Some of the life lessons that have been helping me tremendously these days. Hope they will do the same to you.

The cooking compound interest

When I had initially learnt to cook, I’d multiply the amount of water and spices by the number of people who were eating the food.

Since I knew the perfect ingredients for my dal rice, i.e., what I cook for myself in Noida – while cooking the same for my parents at home I’d just put 3X water and salt.

Thinking it would work.

Except that it didn’t.

It requires lesser water than 3X of a single person’s water. It is just building up.

In life if we want to do something that seems humongous, we just need to begin the difficult process. As we keep taking small steps, we realise in the latter half of the journey that later you don’t have to make those 3X or 4X of efforts at the start.

The compound interest of your efforts will be more than enough to make you reach the destination.

You just need to start. Will you?

The Failure Story

Today I stumbled upon the failure resume of Ankur Warikoo. Was a wonderful peep into why this man is so humble despite having achieved so much in life.

Basis that I decided to prepare a failure resume of my life so far. Not about career as he did, rather what has made me strong so far.

I am often told by a lot of people:

“You’re too strong!”

“You understand things quite deeply.”

Also on the last day of my first job, my then boss (who had never said it), said me: “My indirect guru!”

While all these things may seem elating, this 28 year of life span has taught neither to be super-happy on appreciation, nor to be super-sad while being criticized.

Yet I was not born with this strength. 

Here’s how I happened to develop it:

2002: Class VI – My then best friend found a new best friend all of a sudden. Not only I was friendless, I also sat in a corner while all others played basketball in games period. 

Lesson learnt: I started becoming friends with everyone – na kaahu se dosti na kahu se vair. And bam! Started enjoying school life unlike ever before.

2003: Our whole family has decided to go to a park on a Sunday evening. Maa and sisters have prepared dahi bhallas and aloo tikki to be eaten up there. I am ready with my badminton and best hair band. My masi and my cousin have also come home – we will all enjoy together. 

Just half an hour before we are about to leave, Papa says we won’t go. He blabbered some reason which I could intuitively feel were not right. He just said no means no.

Lesson learnt: I always make it a point to take my nephew / nieces to park – no matter how much I want to rest. They just know one thing: “If masi has committed, she will take us to the park and play with us.” (Without phone.)

2010: IIM – A, where the world goes to fulfill their dreams, I signed up for a nightmare. Went there for a day-long conference, and met the first person I fell in relationship with. 

He liked nothing about me – absolutely nothing other than my skin colour. He became friends with my cousin, used to talk with her while I had already been thrown out of his life, and above everything – threw me out of his place on our last meeting.

Lesson learnt: Not yet bro, I had one bigger jolt to learn the lesson.

2011: The sister just older than me, who is also the closest one – gets engaged and married. After her marriage she faces some problems in her own life, because of which she couldn’t devote time to our relationship.

Lesson learnt: Learn to channel your loneliness into solitude. That’s when I fell in love with books for eternity. 

2014: Nana died. I was one of his favourite kids. I go through all his last rites peacefully, strong as a rock. It came out naturally, didn’t have to do it.

Two weeks later, my Mom asked me: “Where do you bring so much power from? You didn’t even cry! I helped myself a lot just by looking at the way you conducted yourself and knowing what Nana meant to you!”

Lesson learnt (this time a powerful one): Keep filling yourself with power, over a period of time it will become automatic.

2016: Okay, this is the second jolt. Was exactly the photocopy of the first guy, with additional splice of anger, blame game and a ton of blackmailing.

I considered myself lucky to finally be able to get out of that.

Lesson learnt: Your life has a pattern. If it is following a pattern you aren’t proud of, reflect over it and change. (Disclaimer: Neither of these 2 persons were bad – they were just not right.) Also, learnt to say no gracefully and without any guilt.

2017: This is when I have started journaling a lot. Have started listening to God’s words. Have made a relationship with him. He is right there for me, every single time.

2018: Me and my best friend were supposed to go to Goa in January. We booked our tickets in July itself. Excitement was at its best. We were just reverse counting the days.

Somewhere around November, another friend of hers also books her tickets with us. I feel resentful in the beginning – it was a trip for both of us. Yet, I thought it was immature to react so much, and of course, my excitement belongs to me. I continued being excited.

In December 2017 I texted my friend: “Yayyy!!! Next month finally Goa!” She replied with a cold message, and asked if her friend would hamper our enjoyment. I said yes she would, however let’s focus on what’s working.

She said it’s better not to go then.

Cool. I cancel my tickets. She also tries to, yet since the refund is negligible, she decides not to cancel it.

Later around Christmas, she pushes me to book my tickets again. I choose not to, price is 4X now.

On the day of her take off, I am in a meeting onsite. Couldn’t take her call. Saw her message later that she just wanted to talk. I went back to my hotel room, call my sister, and cry a lot. A lottt.

Lesson learnt: To love your friends without any condition. We are still very good friends. Yet conditioned my mind to accept her where she is, instead of laying a bunch of expectations on her.

Also, I make God my bff now. We are just the best since then.

That’s it people, some small takes in this big picture called Life.

Gary Vaynerchuk, who posts a lot about optimism and hope, said once: I wish people could share their real struggles with everybody – the world would be so much lighter and happier if it happened.

That was the very reason I shared these struggles with you. Not to brag about what I went through. People have been through worse. Yet, when we know the process we honour the result and respect the journey. 

Nothing is natural other than nature. We have become who we are.

From tomorrow, we’ll go back to possibility and power! Hasta-la-vista baby!!

2019 – Life Lessons

How can we wrap up 2019 without sharing the wonderful life lessons this year brought along? Here we go, hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I did, writing:

  1. If you sit and eat (without phone), and chew well, your quantity of food reduces to less than half.
  2. Walk up to random people you see daily (in the gym, in your workspace, in the park) and give them a word of appreciation. You don’t know how what problem they might be going through.
  3. Everything you enjoy and every single person you enjoy with are going to come to an end. This is not negativity, rather a reason, to be internally fulfilled.
  4. Working out with a personal trainer will give you rewards no self-gymming could give. You will learn the specifics of working with a pro only when you treat your body like a pro-temple, to run your life.
  5. Listen to the stories people tell, even if you aren’t interested. You giving away your five or fifteen minutes may reduce their burden they’ve been carrying for perhaps fifteen years.
  6. Badmouthing never helps. No matter how truthful it is.
  7. Your parents don’t post an IG story on your birthday. Most likely, they aren’t even there on Instagram. Yet no one loves you like they do. Don’t equate social media validation with love.
  8. The sure shot way to failure is to mimic influencers, versus learning from them.
  9. There are going to be times when you’re going to lose faith in some relationships that matter the most to you. In such times, just remember: “your heart is a place for God to reside in. How can God’s home hold dirt against someone whom you love so much?” When you start operating from this consciousness, you automatically start having empathy for that loved one versus expecting them to have sympathy for you.
  10. You always know the answer in your heart. Be clear and polite enough to say a no when you don’t mean otherwise.
  11. When you push yourself, you get results you thought were out of reach. In the start of the year I forced myself to think I don’t have time for 10K steps a day, and guess what, didn’t achieve that target on most days. In December 2019 when I started getting serious about taking in at least 10K steps, it somehow started happening automatically. Daily!
  12. It’s okay to fail. At least you weren’t focused on checking in what others were doing wrong.
  13. “Speak your truth, even when your voice shakes,” says Robin Sharma. 200% true.
  14. If your intentions are pure, you can melt stones to water. Intentions are the real power.
  15. You are always meditating. Even when you’re thinking “nothing good happens with me, I’m no good, why am I being treated like this, etc.,” those are also the times you are reiterating a pattern to yourself. What gets repeated, gets reprogrammed.
  16. Content creation is the king. I never felt this way ever before than 2019, and when you are strategic in creating contextual content and distributing it, your brand grows 100X over a period of time you won’t even realise. (PS: Even if you are in a job with no intentions of getting famous, having a brand presence for yourself is like the swoosh of Nike – the brand itself gets everything else done.)
  17. Your parents love you, even if their words say otherwise. Tell them, you do them, too.
  18. If you have the ability to enjoy a family lunch without bringing in the phone, you are one of the richest people on the planet.
  19. Don’t think your problems are too hard. Everyone else’s problems are hard as well. Learn to dance with them versus via them.
  20. Working on yourself, and being the “lit” lighthouse, lights up 100s of people. People are already carrying a storehouse of dull lull with them. If your presence lights people up even for the three second stride on the corridor, you are creating miracles beyond trillions!

Those were some of mine, easy yet the ones that will make 2020 better.

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