What if you don’t get it?

The thing that you are looking for, is superficial.

You will not get it because it depends on someone else seeing it in you.

You will get it because being honest deep within, is a rare trait to be acknowledged. Let that trait shine on, even when there is acknowledgment coming from someone else to someone else. Being authentic is rare, live up to that.

Own the day. The Day.

It’s so difficult to find the time to dig out the time to do most important things.

We think that we don’t have the time we need to schedule things and even if we try and schedule thinks we are not able to get the change you want to have.

Here’s a counterintuitive approach: just try to do five things every single day that you want to win the day.

You don’t have to who at the fag end of the day, they may be completed by 12 Noon or 3 PM.

For those things you want to know that when you have done those things you have won the day.

For example if you have a hard time working out put it out on your list: workout. If you have a hard time finishing up on that important project write it out on the list ProjectX and so on.

Do not keep more than five items not even six not even 7, not 10, not 20.

Because it’s not possible to accomplish 25 items a day, just focus on your five things by 12 noon by 11 o’clock in the morning by 3 PM at 5 PM whatever time feels right with you and live by that.

Your time your life would become a journey, a wonderful journey that you will be proud of and you’ll be super proud of it and super proud of the fact that you made the right decision.

The Perfect Day

If you don’t like working on PPTs, are you doing something along with it that you love?

It’s okay to feel sleepy when you’re not rested, are you making best use of you time when you are well rested?

If your parents did not give you a perfect childhood, are you giving them a perfect older age life?

It’s okay if you want to change how the current world looks like, question is are you starting with yourself? Daily?

No one was offered a perfect world on the day they were born.

Everyone, was offered an opportunity, to leave the world a little better in the un-defined number of years they were given. If you, like the rest of us, do not know the date of your death, today would be a great day to start.

A great day?

How do you decide if you had a great day or not?

What are the parameters?

What really has to happen in order for your day to be great?

Being super specific helps, although if you aren’t specific, your days will pass quickly and so will your life.

Letting that happen to you is a sad thing to be.