Meditation with or without commentary?

The best meditators tell you that you do not need commentary to meditate.
I agree.

Except, when I don’t.

It is quite understandable that when your brain is performing at its best, it does not need commentary.
However, if it is surrounded by loads of noise (real and virtual) from outside, it is never wrong to pick up commentary.

As you gain mastery, the need for commentary reduces.

The goal of meditation is to calm your self, not to repeat the uncalm version during the time you had set apart for meditation.

Making of a Manager 4.0

Life lessons from being a manager:

  1. Your team will always be going through stuff – someone is in an airplane, someone is shifting, someone is occupied, someone will not respond, someone might be going through a break up – and asking them to work might make you feel apologetic. Why? Be the one who is there for them, helps them navigate life without excuses, and more than anything else – lets them shine in every area of life.
  2. Give away credit when you need it the most.
  3. Indulging in gossip groups with a subset of team is disastrous for the team. Not to mention, for you as well. Your team loves you, and you owe it to them to be unbiased.
  4. Taking time off for meditation and sleep isn’t luxury, it is a necessity.
  5. Karma yoga – where you say your affirmations and meditate for one minute – that is where all the magic happens. Doing it or not doing it will decide whether you are effective or impulsive.
  6. You may try your best on people and they may still choose to be angry at you, and then leave the company. If you have a pact of honesty with yourself, you need not feel bad. At all. People have their lives and they own their choices, not your mood.
  7. Chill baby, you have the Brahmastra – God. Everything else, will just fall in place.

The Magic of Meditation

January is the month of meditation.

Especially the day of 18th January – where all of our community members gather together and have a combined meditation, for throughout the day. At least for 8 hours of the day.

You know what, for the first 30 minutes, you are trying to meditate.

For the rest of the day, meditation flows through you 🙂

Imagine what would happen if we did this every single day?

So there are two ways

Way 1:

People may make mistakes. That’s why, when you make a rectification in the email, send a fresh email, instead of a top-up.

This is usually a “don’t use your brain because you don’t have one and I anyway don’t trust you” approach. No one grows with it.

Way 2:

Making people more attentive.

How? Through meditation at work (even WFH), no-work policy on weekends, and endorsing silence more than loudness.

The world, after all, is no different from we ought to have created it to be.

7 great things 2020 gave us

2020 is a blessing, if we see it!

While most of us have already named 2020 as the worst year ever, there are some incredible gifts that 2020 brought with it – something that we could have come into our lives had the pandemic didn’t occur.

Thus, 2020 in all its rights, is the year of these life lessons:

  1. It was never the lack of time: It is always about whether you really want the change, or whether you really want to cling to the way you were before. 
    Change is hard. And with so much time on our hands due to lockdown and work from home, we realized time was never the issue. It was all about making the choice. After all, how can we expect anyone to give us their time if we do not have time for ourselves?

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  1. How we were without pandemic was reflected in how we were with pandemic.If we look closely at the behaviours of people we admire – be it online or offline – their lifestyle, approach to life situations and happiness remained unaffected despite such major changes the world over. And if you see people around you that were suffering or in pain during the pandemic, they were suffering even before. This isn’t judgement, this is a reflection that the outer situations do not determine who we are or what we become.
  2. Meditation is a necessity: Since the response to external events is always dependent on our inner thoughts, meditation is not something to take up, it is something to imbibe in our lifestyles. Even five minutes between two tasks, 5 times a day works wonders. If you haven’t tried it, you have missed out on abundance of peace within you.
  3. Fitness isn’t just a hobby:I read a story of a 40 year old daughter, taking care of her Covid-stricken father. Her husband was out of city and her mother had passed away, so she, along with her father’s full-time aid started living in a room next to his. After some days, the help who was there to help also developed Covid symptoms. Meanwhile, the husband had returned, so they both started taking care. However, very soon the husband was also Covid positive. So she was there taking care of her father alone. Throughout that period of taking care of him, she was healthy and unaffected. Reason? She has been taking care of her fitness as well as diet. It is as magical as parents’ love, we don’t see it unless we see the absence of it in people around us.
  4. We have the power to heal others. However, how will we able to extend a hand if our own is fractured? Tell me in the comment section.
  1. Don’t delay giving love.You may never know the person may not be with you tomorrow
  2. It all begins and ends with only one person: YOU. No one, absolutely no one has the right to enter your space of mind if you have decided to make yourself stronger – not even family, not your colleagues, not your friends – no one. I understand it is easier said than done. However, my mental health issues also surfaced during this pandemic and made me realize the importance of being the master of my mind, instead of letting it control me. It takes efforts, but what’s a good thing without making the efforts?

Isn’t it?

We need more people who understand us.

We need more people to respect us.

We need people who could see how hard we are working.

Amidst all of that, have we taken time to acknowledge our own journey?

And have we dug deep and acknowledged someone else?

If the answer to both these is yes, do we then really need someone to appreciate us?

The Magic Wand

Meditation is not just to “feel good”.

When we practice a dedicated practice of meditation, we hardly face issues managing our time and focus.

It’s not just for monks in the Himalayas. Fully effective for corporate ninjas like you and I.

Here’s the best thing meditation has done for me:

The ability to complete a two-hour task in 20-30 minutes. As exaggerating as it may sound, if you have practiced meditation consistently, you know this is as true as water.

You need more time, right?

Where do you go for meditation?

What is the place your thoughts wander towards, during meditation?

That is the place you need to address.

Most certainly it’s going to be difficult because that’s where the mind is seeking pleasure among productivity.

However, you don’t have any to be thinking of someone’s break up pics during meditation. Don’t you?

A bad day.

Set myself some goals for today.

Work goals, reading goals, phone-call goals, meditation goals.

Accomplished none of them fully. How much did I actually accomplish, doesn’t make sense because incompleteness is incompleteness.

Also I used social media for 1 hour! It was a big big wastage of time in the morning immediately after breakfast.

Lesson learnt: Own your morning ritual and the day falls into place.

Lesson I still need to learn: You get to decide. You control your day. If you focus, it’s possible in 25% of the time.

Lesson I must learn: No one loves you basis social media comments and likes. Sharing content is good just because you want to. Opening multiple tabs is equivalent to eating food without washing your hands – unwanted invitation.

Looking forward to telling you a success story tomorrow. Till then, keep rocking!

PS: I am strong, healthy and with my family. Life is fab. Utterly grateful. Will just raise it higher tomorrow:)