5 truths of life you didn’t know

  1. Life is beyond the thing called email and notifications.
  2. You will be admired for your honesty. However, before that, you would be rebuked.
  3. To not believe what most of the world beliefs, is the biggest level of chill.
  4. You create your life by what you do. So platitude.
  5. It’s okay to say no even in the most joyful work of your life.


Enjoyment does not happen only when you are chilling around.

Enjoyment does not happen only when things are working great.

Enjoyment also does not happen only when you are with your favourite people.

Those are an extended part of enjoyment.

Real enjoyment happens when you are in the midst of a terrible situation. When things are falling apart and you are struggling hard to find a solution.

That’s when courageous people get out of their own way and own their lives.

That’s the real game, rest is just waiting.

There’s a pattern

Sometimes it’s just doom.

Sometimes it’s too bad and you don’t know what to do.

Sometimes you are too emotionally tired to even try.

Most of the times, it’s your unhealed patterns that are coming up.

And when any of this happens, trust yourself to work on your inner self. Please read a lot of paperback books. Go for long walks in solitude. Meditate and chillax.

As much as overrated it may sound right now, staying offline to get in-line with yourself is certainly the only way out.