Comma, Full stop or question mark?

When we use a comma, the latter part of the sentence elaborates the former.

In case of an exclamation, there is surprise.

In case of question mark, there is dissatisfaction.

A full stop is the fullest way of expression. Whatever has happened, has happened. Be easy and bring a full stop to it. (Because other ways of comma, exclamation and question mark never generated a response anyway.)

Why not try a full stop now?

Try a full stop.

Everything will be alright

The days I workout the best, meditate the best, am working as per schedule, eating less, walking more are the days when there are challenges.

On the days things are going okay, life also gets average.

So don’t pray for more “settled” or okay days.

Wish for more strength and you will see yourself impersonating calm in every situation of life.

Try to karke dekho 🙂


There are going to be times when people are going to throw stones at you.

There will be times when no one will understand you.

More than anything else, they will try to shatter you into pieces before you could believe it.

Amidst that external terror, just remember:

When you stay silent within and without, wonderful things happen. You tend to not listen despite they saying, and you tend to not get affected despite they trying too hard to.

You being unquestionable is up to you.


Enjoyment does not happen only when you are chilling around.

Enjoyment does not happen only when things are working great.

Enjoyment also does not happen only when you are with your favourite people.

Those are an extended part of enjoyment.

Real enjoyment happens when you are in the midst of a terrible situation. When things are falling apart and you are struggling hard to find a solution.

That’s when courageous people get out of their own way and own their lives.

That’s the real game, rest is just waiting.

That thing with more

Yesterday I slept for 10 hours. Five in the noon and five at night.

Today morning, I looked tired as if not slept for 50 hours.

So here’s the conclusion with more:

1. More quantity of sleep makes you look like a 32 year old. Right quantity of sleep makes you look like a 20 year old. Less than right sleep makes you look like a 35 year old.

2. Talking more with your bff that you don’t do your work will not be good for you or your friendship. Chit chatting with random stuff you share is perfect. Not at all staying in contact is worst.

3. Telling your parents of ventures you intend to do is dangerous, they’ll be scared. Talking with them, is perfect. Having zero communication: no Bro, not at all.

4. Working too hard: you won’t be able to work at all. Working at an optimum level that challenges you: perfect. Not at all working leads to boredom.

Extremes are lethal. The middle route that challenges you, is the one that will sustain you.