Productivity like never

If you feel you have less work to do today

And it’s okay if you put off the most important task to later

Just to waste a few minutes here and there

The Law of Productivity (that no one uses the nomenclature of, however, it exists), says that you will still be unproductive till the end of the day.


Self-control to not check WhatsApp because it is just a time-pass.

Self-control to block the negative people because you love yourself.

Self-control to sleep at a fixed time every night because early morning meditation and workout is superimportant to you.

Self-control to distance yourself from “friends” that drain your energy because you can’t love anyone unless you love yourself.

Self-control to have the self-control to not talk about this self-control in public and rather live by it, because doers rule the world.

Everything will be alright

The days I workout the best, meditate the best, am working as per schedule, eating less, walking more are the days when there are challenges.

On the days things are going okay, life also gets average.

So don’t pray for more “settled” or okay days.

Wish for more strength and you will see yourself impersonating calm in every situation of life.

Try to karke dekho 🙂

LOLs by Nishtha – 21 Jan

LOL technically means Laugh Out Loud.

However, I use it as lessons of life.

So this is how we will use them whenever I want to share life lessons

  1. Protect your days. That is all you have.
  2. There is no “urgent” mail. Trust yourself.
  3. Keep your good word.
  4. Keep your good word to yourself.
  5. Read point 4 and 5 again.

That’s all.

Wish you a great time, wherever you are 🙂

Happy when sad…

If we want to talk about the pains we went through, the list is endless.
And I understand, the pains were and are very real.

If we want to talk about the high moments of our life, the list is still endless.
Of course, we did work really hard to get there.

However, these are the extreme sides of human existence. They are somewhat the result of our inability to control the end results.

So is there something that we can control?
Yes, our happiness.

Happiness doesn’t mean celebration in an unfortunate event. It however does mean that you will stay stable and calm come what may.

When we are going through that break up, we can be happy because there were a few good things that came out of that relationship.
When we’ve lost that loved one, yes it is difficult, but wherever they are right now, would they be happy seeing you, an apple of their eye, suffer like this?
When we are going through lives’ biggest setbacks, do we have any idea that our nightmare is someone else’s biggest dream come true?

Perspective is what makes the entire difference.

This doesn’t make your suffering little. But the people for whom you are suffering would love to see you happy. Be happy for them.

And always remember, your happiness isn’t a sign of you not loving them. Your happiness is a sign of you loving them despite they had to go to another journey…

Is it really a win?

The world thinks you’re winning.
But deep down, you are crying.

The world thinks they are jealous of you.
Deep down, you just wish you could not be you.

The world thinks you are a butterfly
While you are simply getting out of cocoons everyday

The world thinks your life is sorted
Well, that’s what you think of the world…

If you win according to the world but not you
Is that really a win?

The win that you are looking for
Is the win that is hidden within

In a corner of your heart that is silent and loud
Lies cuddled up the win that you went looking far for

Life on social media

Today I met a team with whom I’ve been working on for quite some time now.

We met. Had a lot of fun. Clicked a lot more of pictures. And right now our IG is filled with pictures of the celebrations. (PS: You can check it out on @nishthagehija26 on IG if you read this within 24 hours of posting :D)

But that’s not the point. The point is, that real life happens outside of the social media. And that is a truth not to escape from.

Everything on the phone is a delusion, what you create in silence is what you will be created of. Everything else, will eventually fade away.

What is the cost of your dreams?

What is the cost of your dreams?


You will be misunderstood. You will be ridiculed. You will be criticised.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

All of this will happen at the times you need the most support.
All of this will happen when you least expect it.
All this will happen when you need a clean mind to execute on your dreams.

Despite this, please continue!

Despite this, please move ahead!

Because if you don’t, those people have already won. And you know what, those people are not intending anything bad against you, they just don’t know better.

And if you’ll follow them, won’t that be the same treatment to yourself?

The goal of all problems is just one:
To get you closer to your goals and your Best Self.

Use your problems to get better. And show the world yourself about how strong you are.