When will I have my own?

When will I have my own business?

When will I get to a place of not worrying about money?

Will someone ever believe in me?

Some questions do not have immediate answers.

But whenever I am confused about long-term choices in life, here is something that always helps me:

  1. Sitting and meditating
  2. Going for a nature walk
  3. Reading powerful stuff
  4. Journalling
  5. Becoming absolutely quiet

This is not a step-by-step process, rather a buffet – you can pick whatever you like, as per your taste and preference. And that’s beautiful 🙂

Benefits of walking

Off-late, I have restarted my age old habit of evening walks, and I couldn’t be happier!

Some benefits:

1. Gives much needed mobility to the body.

2. Makes my intuition active, instead of seeking refute in the screen.

3. I get fresh oxygen!

4. Get to witness so many stories.

5. My eyes change their focus, and that’s awesome.

6. I have ideas for writing, just like this one.

7. I learn to forgive without being asked for.

8. I get the much needed me time without devices. (PS: I don’t carry my phone, nor do I wear my smart watch there.)

9. It is a discipline that is so much fun, that you cannot not do it! And that’s beautiful 🙂

Productivity like never

If you feel you have less work to do today

And it’s okay if you put off the most important task to later

Just to waste a few minutes here and there

The Law of Productivity (that no one uses the nomenclature of, however, it exists), says that you will still be unproductive till the end of the day.

Why are you clicking those pictures?

For the past few days, I’ve had a special disagreement for not clicking pictures.

Yes, it is strange.

Yes, it is weird.

And yes, it’s highly liberating.

The ability to enjoy nature and enjoy it without having the urge to share it out with others, is simply the best way to bring out your own nature.

Giving it a try once, is worth your peace of mind.

The subtle art of doing stuff…

The stuff that you do, is going to be liked, and even not liked.

And when not liked, does this piss you off?

In a world that admires fake appreciation even though it does not come from the heart, a better way out could be: to be happy no matter what.

Yesterday I came across a person who is simply happy all the time. Just happy, laughing, happily laughing and making everyone laugh. And guess what, that is not made up. It’s real and just comes across as a natural emotion.

Bonus points for guessing: it’s a natural emotion for all of us. Like all muscles, gets stronger with use.

The real goal

The real goal is not to achieve your goals.

The real goal is not to travel, have money, reach that weight, etc.

Those are all fine, the real goal is to change your nature.

That part of your nature that you know is causing you pain and misery, that part of your nature that you know is not serving you, and that part of your nature that you know is the root of most evil in your life.

That is our real goal. To change the nature that nurtures the tree that should’ve long been uprooted.