Becoming great

To not to be disturbed by the voice on the other side of the concall.

To respect other people’s timings.

To keep a smiling face.

To keep things sorted on a piece of paper.

To let yourself know you are the boss of your time, and to be so full that others are inspired by your way of being.

The subtle art of doing stuff…

The stuff that you do, is going to be liked, and even not liked.

And when not liked, does this piss you off?

In a world that admires fake appreciation even though it does not come from the heart, a better way out could be: to be happy no matter what.

Yesterday I came across a person who is simply happy all the time. Just happy, laughing, happily laughing and making everyone laugh. And guess what, that is not made up. It’s real and just comes across as a natural emotion.

Bonus points for guessing: it’s a natural emotion for all of us. Like all muscles, gets stronger with use.

Feedback is (NOT) good

Learning is the fuel for the one who wants to rise higher.

The one who has the zeal to learn will learn from a thousand places.

Let’s reframe it this way: the one who has the zeal to learn will learn from a thousand RIGHT places.

The sad thing about feedback is you will receive it more from those who are not your ideal audience or who do not know anything about what you do or anything about your content.

Smile gracefully at them, pity them for not being able to follow their dreams, and get back to following your own.

Not getting affected by unsolicited feedback is the real definition of self-awareness.