I agree, Your Honour!

Agreeing with people is great. Every single human needs validation more than anything else.

However if you want to go ahead in life, you need to learn to tell what could be better – in a way that it does not offend the other person.

Everyone wants to get better. And if we see something that could help them get better and conceal it, we are making them worse. Nothing could be worse.

Easy versus critical, yet the truth.

Feedback is (NOT) good

Learning is the fuel for the one who wants to rise higher.

The one who has the zeal to learn will learn from a thousand places.

Let’s reframe it this way: the one who has the zeal to learn will learn from a thousand RIGHT places.

The sad thing about feedback is you will receive it more from those who are not your ideal audience or who do not know anything about what you do or anything about your content.

Smile gracefully at them, pity them for not being able to follow their dreams, and get back to following your own.

Not getting affected by unsolicited feedback is the real definition of self-awareness.


When asking for a feedback/ review, it could be a great practice to have your own feedback.

In silence.

In solitude.

When you do, what people are going to say is going to be exactly what your silence told you.

Try it out.