An introvert’s positivity

Be positive.

Spread the positive vibes.

Give goodness to others.

Speak positively.

While all of that may hold true, if you’re an introvert, none of this might hold true to you.

You may just want to sit around and observe life. Be calm and say nothing. Simply smile with an acute gratitude and bliss at the same time. Forming stories inside your own head.

Just be that, the world needs your things, as Susan Cain said. You being yourself is the best gift you could give to yourself.


The ability to communicate is a hallmark of strong human being.

The ability to not speak when not required to, is a hallmark of stronger people.

Also, don’t expect a human being with a weak heart to have an attitude of gratitude. You have that gratitude for being the strong human being, and keep moving.

A tough decision

Any decision that seems tough at the outset is not at all tough, though.

We just need to analyse what and how are we going to “feel” on choosing Option A over B.

What’s really tough, is taking out time to sit in solitude with yourself and work on mastering your mind.

When you start devoting that time to that daily, making tough decisions becomes the easiest thing to do.

The question, then, is to consider: “Am I willing to work upon myself to be able to ignore the lifetime regrets of taking wrong decisions?”


When asking for a feedback/ review, it could be a great practice to have your own feedback.

In silence.

In solitude.

When you do, what people are going to say is going to be exactly what your silence told you.

Try it out.