Strong and happy. Maybe!

I want to put a strong and happy face and tell it’s going alright.

I also want to be grateful for the love and blessings that I have been blessed with.

I also want to do great and productive stuff.

However it just isn’t.

Family thinks I’m too lost. In reality, I am too lost.

They think I’m working too much. In reality, I am trying to work too much.

They perhaps believe I don’t care. In reality, can someone please care without conditions attached?

Will learn to deal with it, navigate it, fight it, tell myself it will be over.

And it will.

Till then, we may just learn to switch from spreading awareness to becoming the awareness.

Then a strange thing happened!

Recently I have started going deep into thoughts of Naval Ravikant and Kapil Gupta.

If you don’t know who they are, I won’t tell you bro, google them 🙂

And after reading their material, listening to their words – a strange thing happens!

All of a sudden, I derive zero pleasure in looking at posts on LinkedIn and Instagram.

The mind is drifted to a different plane of thinking, all of a sudden.

A place where it does not want to return from.

A place where the mind feels most nourished.

It’s immaculately strange, and conveniently the most beautiful place to be in.

Honesty I don’t know how to end this because I don’t want to preach you something, however I do want you to nudge to think deeper.

The mind thinks useless thoughts because it is conditioned to think so infinitely.

What if we start feeding our mind such such such powerful thoughts? Most people won’t, because misery loves company. The one or two that would, will change the world forever.


No one ranked better because they shouted more. Okay, in the short term, they did.

No one became great because they took away credit for someone else’s creativity.

Absolutely no one ever won because they were great at making others feel like losers.

The way to getting better, is to get better.

The way to rising higher, is to make others rise as well.

The way to eternal goodness, is the eternal goodness for all.

I dream of a world

I dream of a world, where…

• where we could tell each other that we need help

• where asking for help would be considered a sign of strength and not of powerlessness

• where failing in life did not mean we are a failure

• where we said yes, and then said no in a way that it won’t appear like a no

• where we appreciated our loved ones for their journey even if they are not doing what we wished them to do

• where we learnt how to tolerate our angst against people whose sole and soul role is to make us stronger, and to show us that our time is way to important to try to change them

• where we just knew that we are loved


The ability to communicate is a hallmark of strong human being.

The ability to not speak when not required to, is a hallmark of stronger people.

Also, don’t expect a human being with a weak heart to have an attitude of gratitude. You have that gratitude for being the strong human being, and keep moving.