The true measure of your bigness

We become big

on the day

we refuse to feel small

on small acts of people

who don’t know

they are acting small.

They perhaps know this much only.

And thus, are acting this way.

But if you become like them

in the process of teaching them a lesson,

you have lost the biggest lesson of your own life:

“To not to be like the ones who try to pull you down.”

Because in reality, they aren’t trying to.

They just know this much.

They just know this much.

Perhaps you also need to alter your perspective.

Strong and happy. Maybe!

I want to put a strong and happy face and tell it’s going alright.

I also want to be grateful for the love and blessings that I have been blessed with.

I also want to do great and productive stuff.

However it just isn’t.

Family thinks I’m too lost. In reality, I am too lost.

They think I’m working too much. In reality, I am trying to work too much.

They perhaps believe I don’t care. In reality, can someone please care without conditions attached?

Will learn to deal with it, navigate it, fight it, tell myself it will be over.

And it will.

Till then, we may just learn to switch from spreading awareness to becoming the awareness.

When you don’t know

When you don’t know, you still know.

It’s just a question of going deep within.

Let’s say you don’t know what to do when a friend does not respond to an important message of yours.

When you say: “I don’t know,” it is rather you deciding to overlook the option of staying calm mentally as well as physically.

The journey is never of the answer. The journey is of acceptance. You know it. When you do, how are you going to handle it? Most of us don’t know how to handle ourselves. Learning that, is the goal.

To soothe you…

1. Everyone is simply doing their best. Even if it is hard to admit, it is the truth.

2. Your role is to love. Starting with you.

3. Your role is to improve yourself. Everything else will eventually rise.

4. People making it to the world records – don’t have to make you feel worried – if that’s not where you want to be.

5. It will all be sorted out in the end. What you need to take control of, is today.

The mishap

The mishap is the truth.

You went through a lot of bad stuff – that is the truth.

Fortunately, that’s not the problem.

The problem is, how many times the mishap is repeated inside our head and in our words.

Repetition is what makes the difference. Place is repetition hardly matters. What really matters is the doer and the deed.

The solution, then, is to reduce the frequency of repetition. The method, then, is to be the master of your thoughts. The fortunate thing, then, is that you can control it.

Most priceless asset

Most priceless asset is not real estate.

Not bitcoin (lol).

Not equity investment (okay, almost priceless).

Not even your life insurance policy. (Okay bro, grow up!)

The most priceless asset is your mood.

If you could do only one effort your entire life, make an investment to be in a great mood.

Because, the equation that usually follows is “words are theirs, mood downswing is mine,” which is a dangerous place to be.

If you ask yourself, who in reality, is teaching your mind?

If that’s you, and that’s inevitably you, you can change it. One who gets accustomed to keeping their mind clean, could never get into irritation. That’s the new Mt. Everest. For everyone, irrespective of who they are or what they do.

Does work make you go blind?

Love for the work is blind.

When you fall in love with that kind of work, you just cannot live without executing it.

And unless you’ve found that kind of work, “keep looking, and don’t settle,” said the legendary Steve Jobs.

You will definitely find that kind of love when you do work superhard and know what you are made up of, and made for.