Ladkiwaale aur ladkewaale

This week, my health insurance premium is due.

I had started receiving calls and emails from Policy Bazaar for long, to pay the premium. But I had decided to pay it just before the end date.

Yesterday they called up my father for the reminder, after understanding the fact that I never receive my calls. (His number was my secondary number.)

So in order for them to stop troubling him, I finally renewed the policy. Policy Bazaar website wasn’t able to facilitate the transaction, so I went directly to Max Bupa’s site and paid it.

However, today my father got a call again from Policy Bazaar, despite the fact that my documents from Max have already arrived.

I told my father that the premium had already been paid, he was receiving calls from the mediator while I had directly paid it to the insurance service provider. He seemed to quite not get it. To which I responded: “Think of it like ladkiwaale and ladkewaale having their conversations by themselves, and they decided to put the mediator aunty out of it.” Papa finally understood! 🙂

Simplicity has power, relatability and magic in it!

This is a happy post

Yesterday I wrote a post where I was really sad.

Today I came across a tweet that said if you be friends with your colleagues, you are most likely not going to get the work done.

That just hit hard!

Lesson of life:

Be friendly, however, never be friends with a colleague.

Be there for them, however, don’t share your vulnerabilities with them.

Be you, yet don’t be the deepest you.

Lesson learnt, move on baby! Cya tomorrow 🙂

When you don’t know

When you don’t know, you still know.

It’s just a question of going deep within.

Let’s say you don’t know what to do when a friend does not respond to an important message of yours.

When you say: “I don’t know,” it is rather you deciding to overlook the option of staying calm mentally as well as physically.

The journey is never of the answer. The journey is of acceptance. You know it. When you do, how are you going to handle it? Most of us don’t know how to handle ourselves. Learning that, is the goal.

Oprah was right

For several years, I’ve seen Oprah repeat Maya Angelou’s words:

When people show you who they are, believe them!

I for the longest time used to think that this was not right.

And proved myself wrong over and over again.

Oprah was very very right about what she said.

When people show you they’re mean, believe them.

When people show you they’re kind, believe them.

When people show you they’re angry, believe them.

And while you do believe them, continue believing in your own power to be super focused and powerful to what you radiate out to them. You be you, perhaps they will show you a better side of themselves.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to be so internally fulfilled that even though you may have time, you don’t want to scroll Instagram.

The goal is to respect your introversion and work in a team simultaneously.

The goal is to look at what’s working in others versus where they lack, as this is what a loved one does (with some occasional nudges here and there).

The goal is to have an understanding. The understanding that fortunately comes from within and through reflection, not external factors including OTT or social media.

Men have that urge more!

I was talking with a male friend, who was sharing his story of how he did not want to pursue career of his parents’ choice.

He shared how at a point of time he was frustrated at taking money from his parents, so he decided to switch what from what his parents wanted to do, to something non-conventional.

While he shared this resistance to take money from his parents, he added: “Men are more likely to have this urge to be out on their own, and not take money from parents.”

Dude what do you think of women?

I have never taken money from my parents in the last five years.

How can you do this gender discrimination when you don’t know how women think like?

That’s what the feminist inside of me wanted to tell him. And he would have heard it and even said sorry perhaps.

Yet I decided to stay shut up and not say a word in retaliation.

Here’s why:

• World is not changed by anger. Even if you’re right, anger dilutes your stance.

• He was not wrong, he just hasn’t adopted the mindset of how an independent woman would like to be treated. Maybe he is showing that he considers himself to be “the man” who has the right to extraordinarily, so be it. It should not lower my respect for him as an individual, rather it should tell me how to deal with him going forward.

• Most importantly, my father who is the most important man in my life, treats me and my sisters with the best love and respect he could ever give. That’s what is one of my greatest assets.

Be grateful for what you have, don’t walk out in the world with a sword in your hand.

And change the world with your existence, not with your excitement.

Family-Holi! 🙃

It’s a festival in India – Holi. It means a lot of us who work in metro cities are at home celebrating the festival with our families.

I had read somewhere once, “if you think you’re enlightened, try spending a week with your family.”

When we are going to spend time with our families, it’s going to be

– a conflict of opinion

– a need to gain validation from them no matter how much we know we aren’t going to get it

– most importantly, the need to get up and get indulged in our phones.

Avoid all of these, not only 1 and 3. All three.

You’ll be happier.

And leave your family happier.

Happy Holi folks!

The right to win

Let’s say you and a friend happen to make different decisions on a subject.

Further, let’s say that their actions happened to be something that caused you a momentary harm.

You now have all the rights to get angry, upset and also tell them that it’s because of “them” that you are hurt.

Or, there’s another option:

• To understand that they had their best intentions in mind.

• To accept that you have also made mistakes in the past.

• Most importantly, to remember that love is the most powerful emotion. More than being right.

When someone else makes a mistake next time, remember to love, because you are made up of love. Pure love.

Let’s thank Beatles

Beatles was right.

Love is all you need.

We all are made up of love, should not save it up like we’re going to retire on it. Rather use it a lot because you’re made up of it.

We’re living in an economy filled with fortune yet starving in love.

Yet, today businesses, work and of course, families need love more than anything else.

Lemme explain this in a small video here. Hope it would add value to you.