Why time sheets kill productivity

Organisations have time sheets for their employees to fill.
Which every employee fills with productivity hours.
Not realising, it indeed hampers their productivity.

This is how it works: If an employee works for 8 hours and another one for 5 hours, the first one is more productive.

Except that its not true.

What if the second employee took 30 minutes to nap?
Or went for a walk for an hour that indeed multiplied her productivity?
Or perhaps went to the office balcony and stared at the nature for a few minutes, which indeed let her look at an error that the “8-hour-productive employee” failed to look at?

We all function at different levels of efficiency. But most people term people just as “productive” or “unproductive” on a system that silently makes the productive one also unproductive. Because she cannot do all of that and has to be at work for 8 hours, she will lose her interest, curiosity, and of course, productivity.

The last thing we signed up for, while creating timesheet productivity!

Ladies, we could do better!

One of my closest friend in school brought up this topic once. We were just seated in our bus after school, and were waiting for everyone else to come.

“Nishtha,” she said, “you know what, I am ashamed to admit it, however it’s true a woman is another woman’s biggest enemy.”

Years later, her words are making me reflect deeply these days.

We talk about gender inequality, equal rights for women at home, sharing of responsibilities at home, etc., and yes men do need to wake and shake themselves up, however a lot of women don’t feel they deserve the good that men are entitled to.

So, if you are someone (man or a woman) who believes in equality, start with not saying these five things to any woman you respect or would want to be respected.

It’ll make the world better for your daughters and sisters.

Minimalism and gareebi

“Do you have a passport?”
“I’m so sorry I bought it on Kindle, I don’t have the free download link.”
“Premium economy is a wonderful upgrade from Economy class.”
“You like this jacket? This is from Zara.”
“The beachside hotels in Goa are really lavish!”

Some of the lines I get to hear – because I live a minimalist lifestyle.

Instead of feeling bad about it, I am often amused at how people judge someone for not going out or repeating the same pair of shoes. Which in fact, also, allows me to aware of not to judge people based on how less they have. It may just be a choice.

(PS: On a lighter note, when people of Delhi go to Mumbai, they have to take off this judgement.)

To answer the above quetions:

I only buy legit books, because being an author myself, I know that a lot of people’s bread and butter is dependent on books.
Yes, thanks for this. I have travelled in Premium Economy. Next time, please boast about Business Class:)
Yes baby, I read “ZARA” written over there. I was being genuinely kind.
Of course, enjoy your Goa. I will enjoy it my way without documenting it:)

Firstly, judging isn’t right, because we never know what they are going through.

Secondly, even if they don’t have what you have, we don’t get big or small by the things we own. This comes from an experience of owning some shiny things. In fact, when we boast about things, they own us.

Thirdly, minimalism is the real richness. Ever tried?

When you don’t know

When you don’t know, you still know.

It’s just a question of going deep within.

Let’s say you don’t know what to do when a friend does not respond to an important message of yours.

When you say: “I don’t know,” it is rather you deciding to overlook the option of staying calm mentally as well as physically.

The journey is never of the answer. The journey is of acceptance. You know it. When you do, how are you going to handle it? Most of us don’t know how to handle ourselves. Learning that, is the goal.

Is it possible?

“What if this fails?” Everyone asks this question.

What is someone shows you it’s possible?

What if someone shows you what all is working?

What if someone tells you that you have done it before, so repeating the impossible is possible?

What if that “someone” is the one in the mirror?

There are going to be a lot of times when the only person standing in your favour is you. And if you are strong from within, you will know it’s possible.

Will you? Stand for yourself? Every single day?

A bad day.

Set myself some goals for today.

Work goals, reading goals, phone-call goals, meditation goals.

Accomplished none of them fully. How much did I actually accomplish, doesn’t make sense because incompleteness is incompleteness.

Also I used social media for 1 hour! It was a big big wastage of time in the morning immediately after breakfast.

Lesson learnt: Own your morning ritual and the day falls into place.

Lesson I still need to learn: You get to decide. You control your day. If you focus, it’s possible in 25% of the time.

Lesson I must learn: No one loves you basis social media comments and likes. Sharing content is good just because you want to. Opening multiple tabs is equivalent to eating food without washing your hands – unwanted invitation.

Looking forward to telling you a success story tomorrow. Till then, keep rocking!

PS: I am strong, healthy and with my family. Life is fab. Utterly grateful. Will just raise it higher tomorrow:)

What’s that mood off Bro?

The goal is to get up from that “mood off” as quickly as possible.

Not by suppressing it.

Rather, by:

– explaining yourself

– talking with yourself

– telling yourself that you can’t trade your happiness for someone else’s actions.

Inside is the way out.

A Real Conversation

What could a real conversation do to you?

Wish someone could tell you that you are capable of huge things?

Need real hot truth? Something that doesn’t hurt as well?

You will be served exactly that, however before that I want to ask you something.

What’s the point of letting others control your life?

Why do you need validation of that one person?

Is your life independent of others opinions?

Today’s video contains all about that. Enjoy!

What will you trade for happiness?

Today as I entered my room, I wondered if I was really happy.

In the process of earning money, in the process of figuring out life, in the process of understanding how things work, make sure happiness is your real currency.

If you are’t happy, you aren’t happy.

It’s that simple.

If you want to know how I chased my happiness from the place of insecurity, you may want to check out this video. It’s the most vulnerable I’ve ever been.