That drive from Noida to Gurgaon

May 2017.

We had gone for an official team retreat. Most of us were staying in Noida, and we had gone for a 2D 1N stay in a resort in Gurgaon. The team was packed in 3-4 cars, one of which was mine. I was prepared to listen to the female-driver jokes, because not getting affected by them had become a forte by then.

I remember we had halted at a place, and the male colleague got out of the back seat and came to the driving seat to me, and said he will drive. That was rude, however in a society that anyway screws female drivers, this was a normal meme material. I politely refused, stating that I love driving long distances, and I wanted to drive.

While I did get a “chance” to drive, why am I sharing this story with you today?

Because when we say we need equal rights for women, et al, we need to remember that most often women willingly give up their rights.

Having the awareness to respectfully refuse, is the Super Power we didn’t even know existed.

Stand for yourself, people! How will anyone help you out if you aren’t in a position to help yourself out?

To feel bad

To feel bad, you don’t have to do anything much. You just have to do nothing and you will start feeling bad, just by being in the environment we all are living in today.

On the contrary, to feel good requires attention.

You need to take care of your mindset, what goes inside your head in the morning, what goes inside your head throughout the day, and most importantly, how you talk with yourself.

Feeling good requires efforts.

Feeling bad requires a ton of efforts, later on.

You get to decide.