What I have been learning about being good…

If you take your goodness constructively, it will do miracles for you.

Because goodness, in my definition, is responsibility.

If you are good, it is your responsibility to treat the wrong person right.
If you are good, it is your responsibility to receive the wrong given to you in the right manner.

Most people (at work, outside of work) realise that only a few people can be this responsible. Thus, it is the responsible people that get most learnings. For those who do not care to be responsible to perceive things right, they are just doing the job.

Responsible ones, take the responsibility. They don’t like it the most, but they would never want it the other way. And that’s the most beautiful thing about being good.

Ladkiwaale aur ladkewaale

This week, my health insurance premium is due.

I had started receiving calls and emails from Policy Bazaar for long, to pay the premium. But I had decided to pay it just before the end date.

Yesterday they called up my father for the reminder, after understanding the fact that I never receive my calls. (His number was my secondary number.)

So in order for them to stop troubling him, I finally renewed the policy. Policy Bazaar website wasn’t able to facilitate the transaction, so I went directly to Max Bupa’s site and paid it.

However, today my father got a call again from Policy Bazaar, despite the fact that my documents from Max have already arrived.

I told my father that the premium had already been paid, he was receiving calls from the mediator while I had directly paid it to the insurance service provider. He seemed to quite not get it. To which I responded: “Think of it like ladkiwaale and ladkewaale having their conversations by themselves, and they decided to put the mediator aunty out of it.” Papa finally understood! 🙂

Simplicity has power, relatability and magic in it!

The measure of goodness

What if you shout at everyone at work and at home, and think you are a good person just because you are kind to people in a temple?

Your personality is defined by what you do consistently, everywhere.

If your personality changes and becomes different at different places, that’s conditional formatting.

That isn’t you.

The question, to consider then, is this: “Who or what you are in your most comfortable space?”

Do you want to retain that part of you or does it need some alteration?

Don’t think of change, think of who do you wish to become when that change becomes a part of you.

Think of you-ing, versus you-doing.

When bad happens with someone else

How do you feel when the person you don’t like goes through something difficult?

Before that, two questions: Does “disliking” someone feel good? Does “bad” happening with them feel good?

If you answered “yes” to either of the questions, our goal is to reach “no” here.

Do you know why? Because what you give to others comes back to you in a river. What you don’t expect others to do to you, begin at your home first.

It’s difficult. Yet, having resistance from others as a result of your own karmas is more difficult.

To feel bad

To feel bad, you don’t have to do anything much. You just have to do nothing and you will start feeling bad, just by being in the environment we all are living in today.

On the contrary, to feel good requires attention.

You need to take care of your mindset, what goes inside your head in the morning, what goes inside your head throughout the day, and most importantly, how you talk with yourself.

Feeling good requires efforts.

Feeling bad requires a ton of efforts, later on.

You get to decide.