Lessons from 66 year old father

Yesterday my father turned 66. While his life has innumerable lessons, here are some that inspire me today:

1. Picked up exercise during lockdown. Still continues it for an hour daily.

2. Loves to go to his work daily. A trait missing in a lot of millennials.

3. Is always there to listen to my problems, without judgement. Ever.

4. Will give up anything but never honesty. That, in turn, brings him tons of blessings.

5. Most importantly, understands the space I am in. Thus, never forces me or even brings up the topic of marriage. Being a boomer and raised by parents who witnessed WW2 and partition of the country, this mindset shift from him is the best gift he could give to me.

Here’s a closing note: Him and I have different points of view on almost everything. Yet, you will miss your father when he is gone. Love him despite the differences. No one would love you like him, and this comes from someone who is the biggest rebel to her father. 🤗

That phone call…

Yesterday I received a call from someone who usually does not talk with me. Also, I avoid talking with them because they consistently criticise me for my life choices. (Fun fact: This was not an ex :D)

However, instead of being more mindful, I happened to answer their call. And they followed suit – to give me opinions and tell why my life choices are not right.

This usually does not bother me, however the person on the other side was someone whom I respected in the past. A lot.

I finally hung down the phone and got myself back to normal through self-talk.

Today morning when I called up home, Papa asked: “Why are you appearing so out of place?”

While I ignored that question and drifted our conversation to other things, I finally told him everything.

Here’s how he responded to me:

1. You do not have to ignore their calls, just decide what you will pay attention to or what you will not pay attention to.

2. It may so happen that out of 10 bad things they say about you, one of those things really happen to turn out in your favour.

3. Learn to listen to critics, they are more valuable than friends, because they make you realise the importance of self-love.

Learning from wisdom and experience of elders truly collapses the learning curve.

PS: Love yourself, no one else is going to change their opinions to love you.