The velvet mat

I sit on the floor to have my meals. And when I get up, I do so without any support. This is my gold standard for health.

As the winter is approaching, my Mom got a velvet mat for me to sit.

And all of a sudden, I just couldn’t stand from that velvet mat. I felt like all of a sudden I had lost my health and stamina. It was uneasy.

And then a bolt hit me. Velvet is smooth and it acts as a friction between the resistance of the floor and my feet.

So the trick was to remove the velvet mat and then get up. Bam!

Sometimes the problem is not with our efforts, rather the medium where we are executing our efforts. Changing that might change everything.

A note to myself

Be patient.

It is coming.

It is right there.

Just be patient and let yourself know that all you wanted is already with you.

All you have got to do is remember who you are, and then straighten your crown.

Also, it is very veryyyy easy to get lost in the approval or hate of others. Be neutral and let things happen as you don’t change.

If no one told this to you, here it is…

1. You are doing your best. Stop beating yourself up.

2. You have a lot of power. You just need to check the leakage.

3. It takes a strong human being to always be looking for good. Be that tough human being.

4. Talk to yourself. Your need to scroll Instagram would vanish.

5. To walk your own path requires courage. It isn’t disrespectful of anyone, as long as you are not disrespecting them.

6. To stay silent in a throng of un-wise words is a measure of immense inner power.

7. To speak your truth even when your voice shakes is being powerful (again).

8. Standing for yourself isn’t selfish.

9. Being there to understand is a mark of an understanding human being.

10. It is very very easy to get caught up in the celebrity and blitz of the world, share the photographs of “your perfect world” and the new things you bought. If you do not use social media to generate this triviality in others nor to consume it yourself, you’re already ahead of the majority of the world.

Small reminders. Small life. Make your time worth it! 😇

Note to me on my journey

Don’t be too desperate.

Don’t be submissive either.

Walk your path, and walk assertively.

Bend, if need be. The one who bends is the one who has a flexible spine that could do anything.

Real gold is soft.

Yet, it is an alloy if there is any mixture.

And, rich is the human who doesn’t waste the resources of time, thoughts and powers.

You can, because there isn’t a time when you haven’t been able to.

Wanna quit?

“I just hate this job.
I’m gonna quit!”

Have you ever felt this way about a job / client / internship?

If you have, we all are a part of the same boat.

However, here’s a few question:
– Do we want to quit because of envy?
– Is this the same way with every job?
– What kind of life do you want?

I came across this startling realisation while reading “Your Next Five Moves” by Patrick Bet-David, and the enormous clarity he offered in an instance in the book.

And when you do, here’s another piece of advice from Mark Manson: “The person you marry is the person you fight with. The house you buy is the house you repair. The dream job you take is the job you stress over. Everything comes with an inherent sacrifice — whatever makes us feel good will also inevitably make us feel bad. What we gain is also what we lose. What creates our positive experiences will define our negative experiences. This is a difficult pill to swallow. This is why our problems are recursive and unavoidable.”

Finding answers to these questions isn’t easy, however, that isn’t what you signed up for in the first place, right?

So, what kind of life do you want?

One art that makes all the difference

If there is one skill to learn forever, it is the skill to say “no”.

No to the colleague who makes fun of our values.
No to the activities that you don’t want to sign up for.
No to the client that anyway doesn’t respect your material.

However, the people that say the most “no’s” are the people that say a lot of “yes” to the right things. And if we have not mastered the art of saying no to others, we are ultimately saying “no” to ourselves. Is that the life you want to live?

No one will walk the journey for you

You have your loved ones with you.
They are supporting you in your journey.
Accepting you for what you are doing.
Loving you unconditionally.
And that’s beautiful!

However, there needs to be an additional element: Of accepting and appreciating yourself.

Too often when we are in the hustle and grind, we forget to be appreciative to the one person who needs it the most: Ourselves.

And that causes a deep lack that no one could ever be fulfilled.

It’s as important a habit as brushing your teeth. When you are self aware, working on what’s not working, appreciating yourself holds equivalent if not greater importance.

Right now. Starting today.

Will you?

What to do when you feel empty?

When we feel empty, most of us navigate to social media.

Except that it doesn’t help.

Instead, what really helps is appreciation.

Whenever we are appreciated by someone, we feel a sense of validation.

Except, that it won’t come always.

So why not appreciate ourselves every time?

Why not be grateful for what is working?

Why not, be our own cheerleader?

Of course we can, when we can do it all the time for others.