My first Procreate art

This one is from a visual in Rishikesh – from Atali Ganga, the place where we’d stayed at.

That solitude from the hotel overlooking the Ganga river with a mountain stays with me till date.

Enjoyed as a side fun – to let yourself go and see what emerges 🙂

Today I almost cried during therapy

Today I was talking to my therapist, and I don’t know how I spoke about two different sides of me:

The one is the kiddish side of me who wants to come out, and the other is the side that is expected to be mature.

And she said a line: “If people around us are not giving us that space, you better go take it.”

She also went on to tell a story, saying if you are sitting on a bench in a park, enjoying your view, and someone comes and sits next to you, what would you do?

“I’ll get up and leave!”

“Most people would shift a bit, then again shift a bit if they come closer, and over time, they would just fall of the bench. In the process, they also ruin their view. What if you just claim that view to be yours, that no one can take away?”

“I agree, I just get up and leave from such views, and keep wandering…”

OMG, she makes me speak such truths about myself that are so buried inside!

Now she has given me a task to be more spontaneous and less calculative during the week. Fingers crossed :))

Conversation with an artist

Yesterday I had a conversation with a colleague of mine, who happens to be the video editor.

Of the kind and cute fellow he is, one line stayed with me:

“The only thing I don’t like is bad quality videos.”

Wow!!! That is an artist.
He is willing to learn.
Super happy to have 1000 feedbacks.
Rather DMs me often to share feedbacks.
And, LOVESSSSS his work – and that is visible from his art.

It is such an absolute pleasure to go through his videos.

Life is great when you are surrounded by artists.
Life is wonderful when you choose to be an artist.
Life gets gratefully incredible when you love your art. There is no one who can take it away from you. Unlike people who come and go, the art is a part of our existence.

In the process of making that art come alive, we come alive.
Isn’t that incredible?

Creativity and infidelity

Creativity is a weird companion.

Exactly 24 hours back, I was bursting with ideas to write blogs on.

Right now, I don’t know what to write.

Seems like creativity has been infidel to me and left me. Except that isn’t. Because creativity is a process. If you show up, it always does.

If you are reading this blog post till here, you know that creativity has kept up. Because I kept my promise of writing this post.

Creativity is always loyal. If we are.

This is my best work to date!

A freelance company recently reached out to me and asked about my best work to date.

All artists have their best works.
Steve Jobs.
Seth Godin.
Leonardo da Vinci.
Robin Sharma.
Adam Grant.

However, the best thing about their best work is that they show up despite making a super hit.

I think the best piece about my work is “showing up”. Let’s say I have written a bestselling book and it breaks all records in all bestselling lists. Everything is great! But what if I stop writing altogether after that? Will my best work hold any relevance?

That is why, the best work any artist could do is to show up to produce their art every single day, irrespective of what mood, weather, or mindset they are in. If we just show up and show up and show up again, we build a brand of consistency which creates trust among the community as well as clients (current and prospective). That is the best work. 

The best part of this best work is: We ALL can do it, yet most give up in the first year itself.

You can read the full interview here.

The subtle art of doing stuff…

The stuff that you do, is going to be liked, and even not liked.

And when not liked, does this piss you off?

In a world that admires fake appreciation even though it does not come from the heart, a better way out could be: to be happy no matter what.

Yesterday I came across a person who is simply happy all the time. Just happy, laughing, happily laughing and making everyone laugh. And guess what, that is not made up. It’s real and just comes across as a natural emotion.

Bonus points for guessing: it’s a natural emotion for all of us. Like all muscles, gets stronger with use.

Giving up art

Have you ever felt like giving up on your art because it’s not doing well?

If yes, you were never in love with it in the first place, it was simply a time pass.

Hold on to true love with your art my friend, it will stay with you when all human beings have left.