Conversation with an artist

Yesterday I had a conversation with a colleague of mine, who happens to be the video editor.

Of the kind and cute fellow he is, one line stayed with me:

“The only thing I don’t like is bad quality videos.”

Wow!!! That is an artist.
He is willing to learn.
Super happy to have 1000 feedbacks.
Rather DMs me often to share feedbacks.
And, LOVESSSSS his work – and that is visible from his art.

It is such an absolute pleasure to go through his videos.

Life is great when you are surrounded by artists.
Life is wonderful when you choose to be an artist.
Life gets gratefully incredible when you love your art. There is no one who can take it away from you. Unlike people who come and go, the art is a part of our existence.

In the process of making that art come alive, we come alive.
Isn’t that incredible?

The love of the art and the artist

There is this special love between the writer and her writing.

The love that does the extra things that “no one will notice”.
The love that does everything because there are no limitations in true love.
The love that makes you detached because you gave your best.
The love that no one will see or understand, other than the writer and her art.
The love, that transcends the money and validation, because they follow effortlessly.
The love, that comes from within.

The Love, that the writing becomes the writer’s signature.

No one will understand this, unless they have been in love.
No one will value this, because the writer does not crave for that value.
As a matter of fact, it is this privacy that the writer enjoys the most, as writers who love their work would agree 🙂

A sonnet on writing

A good writer reads.
A great writer studies well-written texts.

A good writer is attached to their work.
A great writer loves their work, and is flexible to make changes. (Almost ALL the time :D)

A good writer wants others to like their work.
A great writer writes because she cannot not write.

A good writer writes when they are in a mood of writing.
A great writer writes, no matter what, and gets into a great mood.

A good writer faces writer’s block.
A great writer keeps writing, and lets the editing weed out non-essentials.

A good writer gets tired after a long session.
A great writer gets euphoric after a long session.

A good writer is in it for the rewards.
A great writer, gets rewarded for the process she follows daily.

Anyone can be a good writer.
It takes love for the process, the constant upskilling, and enjoying the flow, to become a great one.

For the first time!!!

I heard this song for the first time, in a performance by Prateek Kuhad, and couldn’t stop myself from grooving.

So I had to share this:

Tedhe-medhe raaste hain
Jaadui imaaratein hain
Main bhi hoon
Tu bhi hai yahan

Khoyi soyi sadko pe
Sitaron ke kandhon pe
Hum naachte udte hain yahan

Damn, this guy called Prateek Kuhad’s voice is such innocent and deep yet easy… Gonna make a new Spotify playlist now 🙂

Creativity and infidelity

Creativity is a weird companion.

Exactly 24 hours back, I was bursting with ideas to write blogs on.

Right now, I don’t know what to write.

Seems like creativity has been infidel to me and left me. Except that isn’t. Because creativity is a process. If you show up, it always does.

If you are reading this blog post till here, you know that creativity has kept up. Because I kept my promise of writing this post.

Creativity is always loyal. If we are.