A sonnet on writing

A good writer reads.
A great writer studies well-written texts.

A good writer is attached to their work.
A great writer loves their work, and is flexible to make changes. (Almost ALL the time :D)

A good writer wants others to like their work.
A great writer writes because she cannot not write.

A good writer writes when they are in a mood of writing.
A great writer writes, no matter what, and gets into a great mood.

A good writer faces writer’s block.
A great writer keeps writing, and lets the editing weed out non-essentials.

A good writer gets tired after a long session.
A great writer gets euphoric after a long session.

A good writer is in it for the rewards.
A great writer, gets rewarded for the process she follows daily.

Anyone can be a good writer.
It takes love for the process, the constant upskilling, and enjoying the flow, to become a great one.

Client lessons

  1. Of course growth is painful in the long term. But go ask anyone with a huge following and they’ll say 99% of the people that started with them quit in the middle because of less growth. Persistence is power.
  2. Show them the effort. What looks effortless to you should look like effort to them. Realised this truth quite late, however, thankfully realised it.
  3. If you are talking about a new project, bring the talk of commercials in the first or max second conversation. No one will value you if you don’t.
  4. You are not paid for your core competency. You are paid for your awesomeness in delivery, your accountability, your love for work, and how you give more value to the client in lieu of their money.
  5. Quote what you feel is the right amount for you, don’t lower your standards. And when that is crystallised, always give more than what you are paid for. There is a saying in Hindi: “Daata ke haath sada bhare rehte hain,” meaning, that the giver is always fulfilled.

Hope they help you, as much as they do to me.