The love of the art and the artist

There is this special love between the writer and her writing.

The love that does the extra things that “no one will notice”.
The love that does everything because there are no limitations in true love.
The love that makes you detached because you gave your best.
The love that no one will see or understand, other than the writer and her art.
The love, that transcends the money and validation, because they follow effortlessly.
The love, that comes from within.

The Love, that the writing becomes the writer’s signature.

No one will understand this, unless they have been in love.
No one will value this, because the writer does not crave for that value.
As a matter of fact, it is this privacy that the writer enjoys the most, as writers who love their work would agree 🙂

How my writing journey began

When I was in Class 6, I wrote my first poetry.

In Class 9, I asked my English teacher: “What shall I do in order for you to give me more than 7 out of 10 marks, in the Writing section?”

In Class 10 and 12, I was the national topper in English language.

In University exams, I got 63 out of 70 in English and Commercial Communication – the only exam I did not study ANYTHING! (Don’t know who the topper was :D)

In the 3 months vacation after giving CA exams, I ended up writing my first book!

In 5 years after writing that first book, I was finally able to let go of a stable career as an Internal Auditor and plunge into writing full-time.

What we see that happens suddenly, has years of unseen practice that goes into it.

But here is what I know for sure:

1. Your heart knows it, before you know it.
2. Your life is always showing you signs, it is just you – who has to stop and listen.
3. Your journey is always going to be different from someone who “made it before you.” But still, your journey is yours. And you won’t want it different.

A sonnet on writing

A good writer reads.
A great writer studies well-written texts.

A good writer is attached to their work.
A great writer loves their work, and is flexible to make changes. (Almost ALL the time :D)

A good writer wants others to like their work.
A great writer writes because she cannot not write.

A good writer writes when they are in a mood of writing.
A great writer writes, no matter what, and gets into a great mood.

A good writer faces writer’s block.
A great writer keeps writing, and lets the editing weed out non-essentials.

A good writer gets tired after a long session.
A great writer gets euphoric after a long session.

A good writer is in it for the rewards.
A great writer, gets rewarded for the process she follows daily.

Anyone can be a good writer.
It takes love for the process, the constant upskilling, and enjoying the flow, to become a great one.

How does a cohort help?

Currently, I’m a part of two paid cohorts:

  1. June Sweat Challenge (on Instagram by Kanav Vohra)
  2. Power Writing (by Shaan V Puri)

Do you know what is the surprising part?

They share NOTHING new, everything is already there as a free information on the internet.

Do you know what is the more surprising part?

  • I have been getting wonderful results with both
  • The Instagram and Slack communities are wonderful
  • We get to experience the fire of burning and the joy of learning together. That makes it priceless.
  • Not to mention, the time of an expert + the years of wisdom from them makes everything so worth getting into the room
  • When you pay for something, no matter how little or how big, you get yourself into a commitment – and that is the best thing that keeps you moving!

PS: Of these, the Writing course is employer sponsored 🙂

Up-skilling not only takes you out of your comfort zone, it makes sure you create new comfort zones for yourself. And then rinse and repeat.

What’s that mood off Bro?

The goal is to get up from that “mood off” as quickly as possible.

Not by suppressing it.

Rather, by:

– explaining yourself

– talking with yourself

– telling yourself that you can’t trade your happiness for someone else’s actions.

Inside is the way out.