A sonnet on writing

A good writer reads.
A great writer studies well-written texts.

A good writer is attached to their work.
A great writer loves their work, and is flexible to make changes. (Almost ALL the time :D)

A good writer wants others to like their work.
A great writer writes because she cannot not write.

A good writer writes when they are in a mood of writing.
A great writer writes, no matter what, and gets into a great mood.

A good writer faces writer’s block.
A great writer keeps writing, and lets the editing weed out non-essentials.

A good writer gets tired after a long session.
A great writer gets euphoric after a long session.

A good writer is in it for the rewards.
A great writer, gets rewarded for the process she follows daily.

Anyone can be a good writer.
It takes love for the process, the constant upskilling, and enjoying the flow, to become a great one.