A note on trust

Trust yourself, as much as you trust others.

Trust yourself more often.

Trust others more often.

Trust the pain, because it solely is responsible for making you enjoy the joy of life.

Trust your hard work, it never goes to vain.

Trust your parents, even when you don’t want to.

Trust your friends, they are there for you – anytime and any place.

Trust your work, coz it will go out into the world and do more good.

More than anything else, trust yourself. You have handled worse in the past. This too, shall pass.

How I broke an old habit

For several months, I’ve been trying to change a habit of mine, which is: to not check work related WhatsApp messages and emails on Sundays.

However, despite multiple efforts, wasn’t able to get off the habit.

Same thing happened yesterday. I attended to work messages in the first half.

In the second half, I went to play badminton with my nephews and nieces. As a result, when I came back, still I didn’t open their WhatsApps. I didn’t have the urge in the first place!

It shows the power of physical activity on our mind, and how much controlling power we have.

No matter how important or urgent the work is, nothing is more important than the much-needed nothingness.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni announced his retirement today.

The sad pic of that semi-final match in WC 2019.

Sad we live in a society that makes a gem retire because he couldn’t get us to the Finals of the World Cup.

PS: How could we forget it was a team of 11 players on the field?

How could we forget we trusted him so much that we depended only on him?

I have never been a cricket fan. Never watch matches.

However, the next time someone doesn’t get the score you think they should get, don’t treat them like as a society we treated Dhoni.

You will be loved forever MS! For all the things you didn’t say 💖

Freelancing so far

The past few months of freelancing have been super fun.

Got some really amazing clients, and having the work I love.

Looks like a fairy tale, isn’t it?

Of course not. Because out of very few things that have worked out, there are 10X things that haven’t!

Applied for freelancing jobs that didn’t work out.

Cold emails that didn’t get responded.

And opportunities I was sure of getting didn’t come.

However, what did work out was engagement and relationships with the clients that I am working with right now.

No formula, no random tricks. Just success is directly proportionate to the efforts you put in.

The number game.

Me and my parents

Today I wasn’t feeling good about my relationship with my parents. Somewhere I want them to talk about things that interest me.

However, later I realised that this is not the first time I have had the same emotions. Happened multiple times.

Till when would I allow myself to wallow in the same pain? Is my time so easy to be wasted?

So here’s what I did to keep me grounded:

• Made a gratitude list. My mood is my responsibility.

• Played a spiritual and practical video on YouTube while working

• Actually spoke with them. Because perhaps that is what they think of me.

That’s it. Problem solved. Rinse and repeat, the next time it occurs.

Why do we reflect?

You reflected on something that you wanted to change.

And you decided to change.

The question is: Till when?

Not only for one day or two. What are you doing to make change stick?

Before forming one more new habit and failing at all of them and calling yourself a failure, create a plan for sticking to just one habit.

And then the next. Drop by drop. Dip by dip.