Easiest way to beat distraction

Do you often see yourself huddling with waste thoughts?

You decided to stay focused, and five minutes later you are scrolling endlessly?

Happens with you?

We would have read hundreds of texts and literature on how to change that, and of all those, one has been the most effective: To always keep listening to motivational audios or read such books. I personally have started doing it morning and evening, and the results have been way better.

Now stretching it to four hours a day while working on mundane activities.

Not because it will give me motivation to act, rather because we are accustomed to act in a manner consistent with what we hear and whom we spend time with. Since what we hear and whom we spend time with isn’t something wonderful in today’s world, why not start with doing it on purpose?

Any habit that we form on purpose is what we reap benefits of without waiting for. Always.

Two money lessons from my life

Some money lessons:

  1. If you want to earn more and you do have the capability and credentials for that, don’t settle for a less-paying job or contract. No one will respect you if you won’t.
  2. Pay credit card bill immediately after making the transaction. You will have reward points, AND you will not see a HUGE bill at the end of the month.

Tell me, have you tried these and succeeded?

Your house’s on fire!

I came across a clip of an interview of Kobe, the legendary basketball player who passed away in an air crash earlier this year.

The interviewer was talking about a game, where both teams had to do a tie-breaker of final throws. Once Kobe’s turn came, he had a Achilles tendon, yet he got up, made his throw, and finished the game like a star.

When asked about the reason, Kobe said:

“Let’s say you have an Achilles, your hamstring is torn, your doctor tells you to have a bed rest, not move at all. So you’re at your home.

And suddenly, the house’s on fire. The kids are upstairs, the wife is somewhere else, and now you have to save them. You will instantly forget your hamstring, grab your kids, make sure your wife is safe, and get out of the house. You won’t remember the hamstring because your family is more important than the injury. So when the game is more important than the injury itself, you don’t feel that injury.”

When the game is more important than the injury itself, you don’t feel that injury.

What is the game that we are into?

Injury or the kind that Kobe was into?

Is your education worth it?

Back in my school days, rather for the entire time of my formal education, I was a top scoring student.

  • How many of real world skills are dependent on the numbers you got?
  • Yes, your marks gave you a kick-start at the beginning of your career, however, did they decide your entire future? Never.
  • We all have countless examples of back-benchers who went out to do amazing things in life, then why do we still place so much importance on formal education?

Where do you go for meditation?

What is the place your thoughts wander towards, during meditation?

That is the place you need to address.

Most certainly it’s going to be difficult because that’s where the mind is seeking pleasure among productivity.

However, you don’t have any to be thinking of someone’s break up pics during meditation. Don’t you?

To have the focus

We all have been given this free time.

A lot of free time.

Time to reflect, time to think, time to be the best.

Yet amidst all this there is one most important thing that no influencer has ever told you: to be self respecting.

Self – respect. It means to be in the zone of loving yourself. To know who you are. To be just the best version of you.

It may sound repetitive. To those who don’t practice it.

To those who do, it’s life changing.

Breaking the norms

To break the norms does not mean break the legal norms and go murder the person you’ve desperately wanting to do for years.

Breaking the norms, may seem useful (and powerful) when you break the ones that are not serving you, like:

  • You may choose to go workout instead of making tea for someone who is already busy getting obese. (Love begins with the one in the mirror.)
  • You may choose to get up from a boring meeting and come back after a 10-minute walk (your mind and body get recharged by missing out on irrelevant stuff.)
  • You may choose to cook a ten-minute khichdi versus waiting for a quick 30-minute calorie filled home delivery.
  • You may choose to send that email you know you have been waiting to send, versus scrolling a meme page on Instagram.
  • You may choose to do a quick reading of at least two pages, versus listening to gossips of others on your metro ride.

You have tonnes of norms to break, that aren’t serving the society. More than that, you.

Will you break the norms for You?

When tired

If people take care of their health and mindset, they can’t get tired.

Then what is the feeling they get that is called “tiredness”?

It is technically a nudge to change.

Take a different course.

Start believing yourself more.

Change the definition of possibility for you.

Learn from those who have already done what you have done.

Divorce anger, marry calm.

See things from a different perspective to be viewed from a different perspective.

Focussed? Really?

What is the percentages of your focus on your goal?

80, 90 or 95%?

That’s probably an incorrect question.

Focussed on your goals means: simply focussed.

When you are in that zone of “total focus” you just can’t see anything else. Eyes and vibes on just one thing.

That’s focus. Either 100 % or not.

Where are your eyes and vibes going right now, btw?