Who cares?

If you think no one cares, think a little bit more.

Maybe you care too much to allow other people to drive that thought.

Here’s the thing: if you are in a powerful and peaceful state of mind, you will have a knack to give to others, versus asking them to care.

You’ll know they care, and you’ll know that because you take care or yourself.

Focussed? Really?

What is the percentages of your focus on your goal?

80, 90 or 95%?

That’s probably an incorrect question.

Focussed on your goals means: simply focussed.

When you are in that zone of “total focus” you just can’t see anything else. Eyes and vibes on just one thing.

That’s focus. Either 100 % or not.

Where are your eyes and vibes going right now, btw?