Nana’s anniversary

Feb is the month when Nana passed away. Precisely 18th Feb, 2014.

I loved him dearly. But don’t feel a vacuum. That is the best thing about true love.

Love makes you stronger and more loving in their presence, not weaker and hateful.

If we turn latter in a loved one’s presence, we perhaps never loved the one we lost. We were simply being selfish in the process of loving them.

Irony (self created)

We feel great when they badmouth others. Yet we feel superbad when someone else does it for us.

We do not feel anything while making others feel lonely. Yet we never want to feel that emotion ourselves.

We love to be loved. Yet do not love.

We feel great on doing something and useless on doing nothing – whereas doing nothing makes doing something worthwhile.

We want more time, yet are poor managers of our own.

The irony that needs to be solved in the world starts with one person solving it for themselves.

Focussed? Really?

What is the percentages of your focus on your goal?

80, 90 or 95%?

That’s probably an incorrect question.

Focussed on your goals means: simply focussed.

When you are in that zone of “total focus” you just can’t see anything else. Eyes and vibes on just one thing.

That’s focus. Either 100 % or not.

Where are your eyes and vibes going right now, btw?