Today I came across a wonderful story on LinkedIn, wanted to share the lesson from it here.

A guy had gone to a tea stall, where he saw a father struggling to get his daughter admitted into a top college.

The man had worked really hard, and the daughter had gotten into a top engineering college. More so, he was willing to work harder to support her through college.

So this guy who posted on LinkedIn offered his help, and after few minutes of helping him out, also offered this Uncle to keep his phone number. Now he will help Uncle and his daughter.

Which brings me to hunger.
When we are hungry in life, we help others in satisfying their hunger.
When we are happy in life, we help others get happier.
When we have risen from nothing, we love to help others rise up.

However, only the people without entitlement can do it.
Only the people who love hard work can help others in theirs. The ones who feel they can work less and get done with, don’t know what lies ahead of them.
Only the people who believe they “have it all” actually have it all. As the 1984 Apple commercial states: “They push the human race forward.”

So, are we pushing the human race forward? Or are we pushing ourselves backward by letting entitlement get in?

A twist in the tale

Have you heard Robert Frost’s poem: “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening?”

The last lines of the poem look like:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep…

A lot of your friends / foes (lol) would be using these lines.

This morning, as I was dealing with a challenge, a place where I particularly get best of my ideas. So, while writing a piece of content, here’s what I came up with:

The woods may not be lovely or dark or deep,
But you still have promises to keep (to yourself)
And nowhere to go (other than within) to have a peaceful sleep.

That’s scary. That’s hard. But standing for yourself is the best thing you could do to yourself, because how will you change the world if your own bones are fractured? How will you?

Hard work is too hard

Why don’t your efforts come to fruition when you try too hard, ever thought about it?

What happens when the result of your effort does not match what it should be?


At a core level, we don’t believe that we deserve that success.

Why don’t we believe that? Because we are probably hanging around with:

• same people

• same habits

Which ones are holding you back?

Working hard

If hard work could solve all the problems…

…you know it doesn’t.

Except when it does.

Hard work, without putting in the right thoughts process and strategy, won’t ever come to rescue.

Having a laser like focus and not working hard for it, won’t either.

The goal, then, is to use your power of discernment, and decide if you really ought to be working hard Bro.

What do you see?

When you see someone (your favourite person) has checked your Instagram story, it may just be tapping around, instead of consuming your content.

When you see your father is not understanding you, it may be because he was never ever understood since the day he was born.

When you see you are not being given your credit, it could be because the other person has a hole inside themselves.

When people don’t fulfil their commitments, probably because they have been lied to in the past.

Everything we see, is the tip of the iceberg.

The question is, what side of the iceberg do you decide to see?