Less known reasons why you are suffering

  1. You want people to love you on posting your insta photos, and yet you do not want to understand people at the root, for who they are.
  2. You find solace in more meetings and less solo execution.
  3. You think therapy without taking responsibility of your life will heal you.
  4. You think you can be your raw, unpolished self and yet have all the love in the world.
  5. You want to have incremental money every month, and that in itself, is a trap.
  6. You want people to love your insta stories, while secretly hating the people whose approval you crave for.
  7. You know you are not okay, and all your efforts are directed towards showing that you are okay, instead of healing the un-okay part of you.

Are you suffering?

While you are suffering in your life, someone’s parent is struggling hard to breathe.

While you are suffering in your life, someone in a worse position than you is owning their life.

What’s your excuse?

What do you see?

When you see someone (your favourite person) has checked your Instagram story, it may just be tapping around, instead of consuming your content.

When you see your father is not understanding you, it may be because he was never ever understood since the day he was born.

When you see you are not being given your credit, it could be because the other person has a hole inside themselves.

When people don’t fulfil their commitments, probably because they have been lied to in the past.

Everything we see, is the tip of the iceberg.

The question is, what side of the iceberg do you decide to see?