Today I came across a wonderful story on LinkedIn, wanted to share the lesson from it here.

A guy had gone to a tea stall, where he saw a father struggling to get his daughter admitted into a top college.

The man had worked really hard, and the daughter had gotten into a top engineering college. More so, he was willing to work harder to support her through college.

So this guy who posted on LinkedIn offered his help, and after few minutes of helping him out, also offered this Uncle to keep his phone number. Now he will help Uncle and his daughter.

Which brings me to hunger.
When we are hungry in life, we help others in satisfying their hunger.
When we are happy in life, we help others get happier.
When we have risen from nothing, we love to help others rise up.

However, only the people without entitlement can do it.
Only the people who love hard work can help others in theirs. The ones who feel they can work less and get done with, don’t know what lies ahead of them.
Only the people who believe they “have it all” actually have it all. As the 1984 Apple commercial states: “They push the human race forward.”

So, are we pushing the human race forward? Or are we pushing ourselves backward by letting entitlement get in?

Just the same emotion

Do you get the same engagement on all your social media posts?

Do you feel the same emotions for your parents always?

Do you like having chocolate cake / pizza / (your favourite dish) for all meals of the day?

Do you like watching your favourite movie every single day?

Do you like going to the same place for vacation every year?

We want novelty. That’s where the brain’s sweet spot lies.
So when you don’t receive the same responses from people. They have their patterns, and places.

You’ll find yourself to be more peaceful when you live from that awareness.

That little tinge of kindness

August 2017.
It was a usual day at work.
I went to the Operations Head, asking to share the records and documents needed for my work.

Back then, I used to work as an Internal Auditor, and the core job was visiting branches and conducting audits, with the help of branch operations team.

This fine day, as I was going back to my desk after talking with the Operations Head, when she called my name and said, “You always look stunning!”

And it took a moment for my mask of “follow me I am the auditor” to more of a humble, kinder human.

That of course, didn’t affect my work, however, it did tell me that it’s super important to appreciate people for their little things.

As my bosses used to say: “Neither of you are against each other, you both are working for the bank.”

PS: If you do not want AI to replace you, learn from this girl who showed the human side of her.

PPS: No, it didn’t affect my report however it did affect how I reflect on life.

And that’s super important 🙂

What do you do?

“What do you do,” is a beautiful way to tell people what they shouldn’t be doing.

Most people don’t love their work, and those who do, will have it evident on their faces. So you needn’t ask them anyway.

Instead, create an environment for them where they are ready to open up. For example, “what keeps you happy,” or “what’s something interesting about you that makes you happily weird?”

Our job, as human beings, is not to go to the roots of “human doings”. Our job, is rather to bring out the “being” in every doing.

So, what do you do?

The dissection of love

Love is not just romantic love, in fact that is selfishness.

Love is, our natural nature.

Love is, the reason we all are here.

Elite Wiesel said, “The opposite of love is not hate, the opposite of love is indifference.”

So when you are indifferent towards a human being, you’re not giving them love.

Love, that you are made up of, you’re restricting yourself of it.

How will that create any goodness for you?

Shout to be out

People tend to shout when they don’t get what they asked for.

People tend to shout when they feel insecure about what they have and don’t have.



People not behaving according to you

People saying mean things behind (and in front of you)

People blaming you for their mistakes

Your competitor getting ahead of you even they started after you

All these things are going to happen.

The only job people are going to get done when they shout is, scare more people and make them aware of being around you.

If that’s not the destination you want to reach, probably being patient and kind could do the deal.

Like they always do.