Split personality disorder

It is a disease not restricted to a few people.

Rather, there are very few people who don’t suffer from this.

Well, what to do if you want to be one of those few people?

a. Being kind even when you have the right to be unkind is an unprecedented advantage.

b.      Replacing “you’re an idiot” with “I think there is a miscommunication” lets the other person know that they’re not unwanted.

c.       More than anything else, when we move around the world with the backstory that we are the hero and our role is to make others rise, instead of being the villain who wants everyone to fall down.

Split personality disorder is real and more rampant than we ever thought. What we need is a decision to have a personality we would be proud of.

And to live to that personality when things inevitably don’t go vanilla.

What do you do?

“What do you do,” is a beautiful way to tell people what they shouldn’t be doing.

Most people don’t love their work, and those who do, will have it evident on their faces. So you needn’t ask them anyway.

Instead, create an environment for them where they are ready to open up. For example, “what keeps you happy,” or “what’s something interesting about you that makes you happily weird?”

Our job, as human beings, is not to go to the roots of “human doings”. Our job, is rather to bring out the “being” in every doing.

So, what do you do?

To get great work done

To get great work done, to be someone who achieves excellent success, to be someone who is loved by everyone, you need to take an important step.

Which is, to forget who they were yesterday.

If we keep on collecting baggage of someone else’s misdoings in our head, we may have to walk this earth alone, and in anger.

That’s not a very good way to live.