The One Thing ☝🏻

You want to change your lifestyle.

Maybe you’re not getting the results you wanted.

Things aren’t working out as you wished.

Do nothing, other than change one thing.

What is that one thing?

Well that you know exactly in your heart.

You just need to decide to change “that one thing” and witness changes happen in all areas of your life.

Focussed? Really?

What is the percentages of your focus on your goal?

80, 90 or 95%?

That’s probably an incorrect question.

Focussed on your goals means: simply focussed.

When you are in that zone of “total focus” you just can’t see anything else. Eyes and vibes on just one thing.

That’s focus. Either 100 % or not.

Where are your eyes and vibes going right now, btw?

The absolute win

There’s an absolute certainty of winning.

When? When you don’t focus on winning in the first place.

You get an unprecedented leverage when you stop being concerned about what others are doing or thinking.

Your total focus is on being the best you could be.

When that’s your focus, there is no one who could knock you off.

That’s when you’ve already won.