How to deal with anger

When you are angry, don’t respond.

When you are angry, trust yourself it will get better.

When you are angry, go outdoors (yes, even balcony would help.)

When you are angry, do NOT reach out to your phone.

And next time when you are angry, and you calm down, ask yourself, how to protect yourself from the same thing next time?

The One Thing ☝🏻

You want to change your lifestyle.

Maybe you’re not getting the results you wanted.

Things aren’t working out as you wished.

Do nothing, other than change one thing.

What is that one thing?

Well that you know exactly in your heart.

You just need to decide to change “that one thing” and witness changes happen in all areas of your life.

Be relevant, instead of right

You could be pointing out what others are doing wrong.

You could even show strict evidences against it and show them on social media.

You could even probably share how you reached that conclusion.

And that all may be right. A hundred percent.

With a bit of problem: when we dig out dirt, what invariably tags along is foul smell.

That’s what bad thoughts and useless actions and irrelevant comments do to us.

You are a priceless human being created in the glory of the creator that created You. Don’t accumulate dust by taking in everything what others are not doing right.