So there are two ways

Way 1:

People may make mistakes. That’s why, when you make a rectification in the email, send a fresh email, instead of a top-up.

This is usually a “don’t use your brain because you don’t have one and I anyway don’t trust you” approach. No one grows with it.

Way 2:

Making people more attentive.

How? Through meditation at work (even WFH), no-work policy on weekends, and endorsing silence more than loudness.

The world, after all, is no different from we ought to have created it to be.

Then a strange thing happened!

Recently I have started going deep into thoughts of Naval Ravikant and Kapil Gupta.

If you don’t know who they are, I won’t tell you bro, google them 🙂

And after reading their material, listening to their words – a strange thing happens!

All of a sudden, I derive zero pleasure in looking at posts on LinkedIn and Instagram.

The mind is drifted to a different plane of thinking, all of a sudden.

A place where it does not want to return from.

A place where the mind feels most nourished.

It’s immaculately strange, and conveniently the most beautiful place to be in.

Honesty I don’t know how to end this because I don’t want to preach you something, however I do want you to nudge to think deeper.

The mind thinks useless thoughts because it is conditioned to think so infinitely.

What if we start feeding our mind such such such powerful thoughts? Most people won’t, because misery loves company. The one or two that would, will change the world forever.

Be relevant, instead of right

You could be pointing out what others are doing wrong.

You could even show strict evidences against it and show them on social media.

You could even probably share how you reached that conclusion.

And that all may be right. A hundred percent.

With a bit of problem: when we dig out dirt, what invariably tags along is foul smell.

That’s what bad thoughts and useless actions and irrelevant comments do to us.

You are a priceless human being created in the glory of the creator that created You. Don’t accumulate dust by taking in everything what others are not doing right.


Needs are important. Fulfill them.

Wants arise out of impressing “them”. Navigate through them wisely.

Be the lion you are looking for, not the sheep that silently seeks everyone’s approval.

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