Then a strange thing happened!

Recently I have started going deep into thoughts of Naval Ravikant and Kapil Gupta.

If you don’t know who they are, I won’t tell you bro, google them 🙂

And after reading their material, listening to their words – a strange thing happens!

All of a sudden, I derive zero pleasure in looking at posts on LinkedIn and Instagram.

The mind is drifted to a different plane of thinking, all of a sudden.

A place where it does not want to return from.

A place where the mind feels most nourished.

It’s immaculately strange, and conveniently the most beautiful place to be in.

Honesty I don’t know how to end this because I don’t want to preach you something, however I do want you to nudge to think deeper.

The mind thinks useless thoughts because it is conditioned to think so infinitely.

What if we start feeding our mind such such such powerful thoughts? Most people won’t, because misery loves company. The one or two that would, will change the world forever.