The usual boring stuff

Much of our lives is the usual boring stuff.

Extreme events – such as a job promotion, getting your dream client, getting that deal, your first pair of Nike’s, no matter how eventful – they’re extremely rare.

Which brings us to the boring stuff, and make the best of it.

How to make the best of it – no one can answer that for you, only you can.

But if you keep making the best of each boring day – trust me, you will have ideas to an extent of just extreme events.

Only one caveat: Keep working on your habits and the usual mundane stuff of doing the right things while watching someone else’s happening Insta feed.

The Raw and The Rich

If you are reading this, chances are you were not born with a silver spoon.
Don’t worry, even I wasn’t.

The point is, when we are born into a humble family and grow up to make a decent amount of money, it is easy to fall into the trap of speaking, thinking and behaving like the rich.

Nothing wrong with it.

However, remembering your raw nature, remembering the village you came from, remembering the raw tone you were raised with – if you can live with that even while shopping your clothes from Sabyasachi and be proud of that instead of being ashamed, there is nothing that you can’t do!

The rich human who hasn’t forgotten the raw human that they are, is the most priceless asset ever.

How to get what you want

How can you get what you want?

One option is very valid: Try. Put in the efforts. Do the hard work. Which is all very beautiful and necessary.

There’s another option as well: See yourself as awareness, just aware of everything.

It takes a lifetime to learn the second one. But when we do, we won’t read a blog titled “How to get what you want” 🙂

Taare Zameen Par

Jab bhi kabhi

Papa mujhe

Jo zor se

Jhula jhulaate hain Maa

(Ab Papa jhula to nahi jhulate par metaphorical jhula jhulate hain)

Meri nazar

Dhundhe tujhe

Sochu yehi

Tu aake thaamegi Maa…

Unse main yeh kehta nahi

Par sehem jaata hu main Maa

(Shayad Maa bhi sehmi hui hai)

Chehre pe aane deta nahi

Dil hi dil mein ghabraata hu Maa

Tujhe sab hai pata

Hai na Maa

Tujhe sab hai pataaaa

Meri Maa ❣️

That little tinge of kindness

August 2017.
It was a usual day at work.
I went to the Operations Head, asking to share the records and documents needed for my work.

Back then, I used to work as an Internal Auditor, and the core job was visiting branches and conducting audits, with the help of branch operations team.

This fine day, as I was going back to my desk after talking with the Operations Head, when she called my name and said, “You always look stunning!”

And it took a moment for my mask of “follow me I am the auditor” to more of a humble, kinder human.

That of course, didn’t affect my work, however, it did tell me that it’s super important to appreciate people for their little things.

As my bosses used to say: “Neither of you are against each other, you both are working for the bank.”

PS: If you do not want AI to replace you, learn from this girl who showed the human side of her.

PPS: No, it didn’t affect my report however it did affect how I reflect on life.

And that’s super important 🙂

The tragedy of death

Death has taken bigger toll on 2020 than we had ever expected.

It has become a daily feat to conquer instead of facing it at the end of the life.

However, when death comes with a possibility threat, it also comes as a reminder:

1. That if it comes to grab us, let it take us away with our happiness, instead of letting its fear take away our happiness.

2. That there are people who need our support and just our emotional presence. We can always be there for them, even if we are not around them. Let our loved ones know you care. Because you do. And because they need you.

3. This moment is all we have. We don’t know what’s next, however we do own what we have now.

A note on remote thinking

For almost half a year, we’ve all been working remotely. While the new world comes along with its advantages and disadvantages, there is something under the covers we fail to see:

Since we lack communication, we fall in the trap of assuming. That assumption is often towards the negative side.

Perhaps we can’t have more communication with others anyway.

So why not start having those with our own selves? Why not start figuring out the most powerful meanings, when the meaning is up to us? Why do we have to just go the negative way?

Rants about truth

1. If you want to capture your truth to show it to others, you have already started living a lie.

2. A great life is where you are humble even when you don’t know how to.

3. Protecting your mindset is the best insurance.

4. Challenging yourself is the best safety.

5. And a little reminder: You are the product of five people you hang around with.

About values of life

1. Staying by your values is hard. Yet devaluation of yourself is a murder.

2. You are who you are when no one is watching.

3. Doing nothing is important. And sometimes disastrous. It’s about figuring it out.

4. Helping without the ultimate intent is the real measure of kindness.

5. You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit. – Aristotle