Either you do something good or bad, there will be people questioning you.

Just make sure you don’t question yourself.

That doesn’t mean not making the mistakes, it rather means not owning your life.

Own your life.

Don’t question yourself at the end of it that why you gave up.



No one wants to be rejected.

Yet we do get rejected all the time – in relationships that didn’t work out, in jobs where we didn’t find our happiness, in childhood when we were scolded for no fault of ours.

It’s like someone inserting a scalpel into your eyes without giving you the anaesthesia.

Even the thought pricks a hole in the heart.

Yet it’s impossible to find a successful person who was not rejected. Not one ever.

Rejection does not mean we were wrong or we were not accepted.

It simply means we were not aligned.

Relationship rejection – love yourself now.

Job rejection – your work you love is shouting out loud at you to be noticed.

Childhood rejection – don’t do the same to your kids (and your parents).

Rejection never stops anyone. Unless one is ready to be stopped.

You get to decide.


There are going to be times when people are going to throw stones at you.

There will be times when no one will understand you.

More than anything else, they will try to shatter you into pieces before you could believe it.

Amidst that external terror, just remember:

When you stay silent within and without, wonderful things happen. You tend to not listen despite they saying, and you tend to not get affected despite they trying too hard to.

You being unquestionable is up to you.