Me and my parents

Today I wasn’t feeling good about my relationship with my parents. Somewhere I want them to talk about things that interest me.

However, later I realised that this is not the first time I have had the same emotions. Happened multiple times.

Till when would I allow myself to wallow in the same pain? Is my time so easy to be wasted?

So here’s what I did to keep me grounded:

• Made a gratitude list. My mood is my responsibility.

• Played a spiritual and practical video on YouTube while working

• Actually spoke with them. Because perhaps that is what they think of me.

That’s it. Problem solved. Rinse and repeat, the next time it occurs.

Money is an effort

For weeks I was struggling with making a new habit. I wanted to set a traffic control of my thoughts, and take one-minute breaks after each hour.

Tried downloading a few apps, none of which functioned.

So I set the alarm in my phone after every hour.

“What’s new with this?” you may ask!

I wanted the sound to be the one I loved and not the usual alarm stuff. However, iPhone doesn’t allow the desi jugad to add external sounds.

So I purchased a sound from the iTunes store and set that as an alarm.

Result? Those one-minute alarms are working wonders!

Here’s the psychological hack: Even though I spent a minuscule amount of Rs. 15 for a tailor-made service, it would make me use it to the fullest.

The magic is not of the amount of money, rather the effort of paying it will make me use it fully. Daily. Every hour.

Let’s talk about remote control

The current times have the luxury of stopping and recording a TV show.

If we go back to a decade, family members used to fight over remote control of television. Even if someone had to walk up to the kitchen or to open the door, they’d carry their remote control along, so that the other members didn’t get a chance to change the channel.

People knew, back then, that the person with the remote control, owns the game.

Fast forward to today, how many of us hold the remote control of your happiness?

Not only that, they also blame someone else for taking away their happiness by not playing the channel they wanted to see.

It’s called budding resentment. If you want to dig out five more minutes to understand that, today’s podcast episode is a great way to explain that. Check it out here.