Money is an effort

For weeks I was struggling with making a new habit. I wanted to set a traffic control of my thoughts, and take one-minute breaks after each hour.

Tried downloading a few apps, none of which functioned.

So I set the alarm in my phone after every hour.

“What’s new with this?” you may ask!

I wanted the sound to be the one I loved and not the usual alarm stuff. However, iPhone doesn’t allow the desi jugad to add external sounds.

So I purchased a sound from the iTunes store and set that as an alarm.

Result? Those one-minute alarms are working wonders!

Here’s the psychological hack: Even though I spent a minuscule amount of Rs. 15 for a tailor-made service, it would make me use it to the fullest.

The magic is not of the amount of money, rather the effort of paying it will make me use it fully. Daily. Every hour.

Stop psychology, do reality

There is a lot of psychology that goes behind everything.

Everything means what you do, with whom you do it, why do you do it; and more than anything else, what is it that you’re doing.

So if you find yourself doing something or seeing something that you aren’t very proud of or that you shouldn’t be saying, that’s probably because you need to change your company.

Just reading this you people think that it’s not possible.

Well everything that you once thought impossible once is just a simple thing for you today.

What you really need to do is make a decision and not only make a decision. Also, make a decision in your habits that no matter what, you will not do it and when you make that decision every single day just watch your life change.

What do your eyes say, Bro?

Your kind words and your good deeds won’t do much good.

It’s your eyes that show dismay or acceptance that break or create someone else.

Today a lot of people are living in a fragile state of mind, even if they are an online influencer.

You being fulfilled from within and then giving the acceptance out to others is the best gift they could ever receive today.

We spend more hours on work than chilling around. So does our role of giving acceptance rises a notch higher.