Irony (self created)

We feel great when they badmouth others. Yet we feel superbad when someone else does it for us.

We do not feel anything while making others feel lonely. Yet we never want to feel that emotion ourselves.

We love to be loved. Yet do not love.

We feel great on doing something and useless on doing nothing – whereas doing nothing makes doing something worthwhile.

We want more time, yet are poor managers of our own.

The irony that needs to be solved in the world starts with one person solving it for themselves.

We, the humans

Just because we are humans, we will thrive in accordance with living with other humans.

This would, in itself, make the process difficult because all humans are different.

However, if you learn to be easy, things are going to change – because you cared for the common good, you cared to make the other person feel good, and also you didn’t care to follow the angry zone of the world and marched to your own beat of ease and peace.

“But they also do it!”

When we are changing an existing pattern or habit, most people make a small and dangerous mistake of seeing someone else and falling down on their path.

What if, they focussed on their own path and own habits, and let their life be the light for all?

If one human is hanging onto a cliff, the other should be strong enough to raise them higher, not weak enough to fall down along with them.

What do your eyes say, Bro?

Your kind words and your good deeds won’t do much good.

It’s your eyes that show dismay or acceptance that break or create someone else.

Today a lot of people are living in a fragile state of mind, even if they are an online influencer.

You being fulfilled from within and then giving the acceptance out to others is the best gift they could ever receive today.

We spend more hours on work than chilling around. So does our role of giving acceptance rises a notch higher.