The stop the shopper game

Yesterday my mind played tricks on me. It fooled into making me believe that I needed to buy a lot of stuff.

So off I went to the shopping mall with a list.

Spent time in one store, scrolling and found nothing.

Spent time in store #2, tried clothes and bought nothing.

Entered store #3, where I always find my clothing of my choice. As I was taking the staircase towards the women’s section, a sudden thought hit me: “Where are you wandering around? You already have a lottt of clothes. Going there, you’re going to spend at least 5K for just 2-3 pieces of clothing. For what? For what Bro? Just to stop wearing the existing clothes?”

This thought hit my mind, and within 30 seconds I came downstairs and got out of the mall.

Time was wasted. It’s better to learn from sunk costs and not to sink further.

“But they also do it!”

When we are changing an existing pattern or habit, most people make a small and dangerous mistake of seeing someone else and falling down on their path.

What if, they focussed on their own path and own habits, and let their life be the light for all?

If one human is hanging onto a cliff, the other should be strong enough to raise them higher, not weak enough to fall down along with them.

Positivity is cool

There is already a ton of negativity out there in the world.

People are already suffering.

Give them something what they need: positivity and understanding.

It’s not old school, it’s the most important gift they could get.

The only way to give that gift is to have it yourself in the first place. Take care of what goes inside your head.