Things I fail to understand

1. Why do we think we are liked if we have more unread messages when we open WhatsApp?

2. What satisfaction to softdrinks give?

3. Why do people prefer ordering out instead of home made halwa?

Our importance, satisfaction and satiety – all come from inside.

Inner validation. Water at home. Halwa at home.

If you make those choices, you are unstoppable!

So there are two ways

Way 1:

People may make mistakes. That’s why, when you make a rectification in the email, send a fresh email, instead of a top-up.

This is usually a “don’t use your brain because you don’t have one and I anyway don’t trust you” approach. No one grows with it.

Way 2:

Making people more attentive.

How? Through meditation at work (even WFH), no-work policy on weekends, and endorsing silence more than loudness.

The world, after all, is no different from we ought to have created it to be.

How I broke an old habit

For several months, I’ve been trying to change a habit of mine, which is: to not check work related WhatsApp messages and emails on Sundays.

However, despite multiple efforts, wasn’t able to get off the habit.

Same thing happened yesterday. I attended to work messages in the first half.

In the second half, I went to play badminton with my nephews and nieces. As a result, when I came back, still I didn’t open their WhatsApps. I didn’t have the urge in the first place!

It shows the power of physical activity on our mind, and how much controlling power we have.

No matter how important or urgent the work is, nothing is more important than the much-needed nothingness.

The stop the shopper game

Yesterday my mind played tricks on me. It fooled into making me believe that I needed to buy a lot of stuff.

So off I went to the shopping mall with a list.

Spent time in one store, scrolling and found nothing.

Spent time in store #2, tried clothes and bought nothing.

Entered store #3, where I always find my clothing of my choice. As I was taking the staircase towards the women’s section, a sudden thought hit me: “Where are you wandering around? You already have a lottt of clothes. Going there, you’re going to spend at least 5K for just 2-3 pieces of clothing. For what? For what Bro? Just to stop wearing the existing clothes?”

This thought hit my mind, and within 30 seconds I came downstairs and got out of the mall.

Time was wasted. It’s better to learn from sunk costs and not to sink further.

How about having a great weekend?

I happened to call a friend cum team mate today, who is also into freelancing.

We asked about each other’s whereabouts, and ended up knowing that both of us were working today, despite it being a weekend.

The best part is, both of us were happy about it.

Few lessons from it:

1. The lucky life is designed, by consistent relentless hard work.

2. If you’re happy, what day of the week it is, doesn’t matter.

3. You are a product of people you hang around with:)

Hang around

Weekend is just round the corner.

Time to hang around.

With the same people, for the same results.

With the people you should be hanging around with (maybe in their books as well), for the results you know you should be getting.

Weekend is just round the corner, hang around peops!!! ✌🏻😎

Process versus product

Product means nothing, if process is flawed.

If process is powerful, end product really doesn’t matter (so much).

If people wait for weekend without working really hard on weekdays, they aren’t really going to enjoy the weekends.

It would be rather slogging.

If people do great work on weekdays then weekends won’t matter much, because they will be fulfilled from within.


Process versus product.


Who does not want to leave a legacy? Everyone wants to.

Who does not want to work? A lot of people.

That’s the correlation we need to draw.

No one likes accidents. So an accident of fate should also not like you. The fate and the fortune should be something you should deserve, either by being born in a royal family (happens rarely) or by starting from zero and creating it all the way up.

Work is the secret to legacy. Go work people, and see how enjoyment happens amazingly.