Rants about truth

1. If you want to capture your truth to show it to others, you have already started living a lie.

2. A great life is where you are humble even when you don’t know how to.

3. Protecting your mindset is the best insurance.

4. Challenging yourself is the best safety.

5. And a little reminder: You are the product of five people you hang around with.

We need more people who understand us.

We need more people to respect us.

We need people who could see how hard we are working.

Amidst all of that, have we taken time to acknowledge our own journey?

And have we dug deep and acknowledged someone else?

If the answer to both these is yes, do we then really need someone to appreciate us?

Forming relationships

Forming relationships is beyond connecting with people from LinkedIn to WhatsApp.

Forming relationships is just being the genuine human being that you are, without ulterior motive of collaborations.

When you do so, just because you want to give, what you’ll receive will come to you manifold.

Is your education worth it?

Back in my school days, rather for the entire time of my formal education, I was a top scoring student.

  • How many of real world skills are dependent on the numbers you got?
  • Yes, your marks gave you a kick-start at the beginning of your career, however, did they decide your entire future? Never.
  • We all have countless examples of back-benchers who went out to do amazing things in life, then why do we still place so much importance on formal education?

The feeling of emptiness

It’s a feeling that just doesn’t go.

Or sometimes I mix it up with my introversion and love for work.

This is not for likes or comments, just to reveal a wall that’s been hiding.

And I do end up breaking it sometimes, only to come to the stones that built it up in the first place.

That I want to go to the hall and chit chat with my family.

That I want to be optimistic along with sharing that feeling of emptiness within.

That I know that it’s okay to be okay when it’s not okay.

Yet I do none of these.

Because anything that is not stomach ache, fever or diabetes is not a disease – that our society and upbringing has taught us.

Perhaps because they would want to hide it under anger, like everything else.

Perhaps because it requires the need to acknowledge your own inner needs to be able to acknowledge them in other.

Yet on the other side of the tunnel I see hope.

And I trust that hope like sunshine.

And somehow we will manage to come out of it.

I don’t know how to end this, yet this is not the end. For sure.

Oprah was right

For several years, I’ve seen Oprah repeat Maya Angelou’s words:

When people show you who they are, believe them!

I for the longest time used to think that this was not right.

And proved myself wrong over and over again.

Oprah was very very right about what she said.

When people show you they’re mean, believe them.

When people show you they’re kind, believe them.

When people show you they’re angry, believe them.

And while you do believe them, continue believing in your own power to be super focused and powerful to what you radiate out to them. You be you, perhaps they will show you a better side of themselves.

Is it possible?

“What if this fails?” Everyone asks this question.

What is someone shows you it’s possible?

What if someone shows you what all is working?

What if someone tells you that you have done it before, so repeating the impossible is possible?

What if that “someone” is the one in the mirror?

There are going to be a lot of times when the only person standing in your favour is you. And if you are strong from within, you will know it’s possible.

Will you? Stand for yourself? Every single day?

Remember the postcard?

Every single day we have, we say more than what we speak.

Most people believe people judge them by what they speak. Speaking doesn’t generate trust. It’s just a validation of who you are.

What you don’t say and do it, decides what people will think of you.

Who you are inside, people will always know about it. Never an exception.

What you are speaks so loudly to me that I can barely hear what you say.


The question, then, is not “how do I make myself liked by them?”

The question is “how do I be the same inside and outside?”

Like a postcard. Not an envelope.

“Will you take care of me,” says who!

We live in a messy world.

Or maybe we have created it so.

Or maybe the world is a beautiful place to be.

Or maybe…

…maybe you know all I am going to say that it is a matter of perception.

All that said and done, the world you and I outside is created by what we do within.

If you disagree, try thinking ONLY positive for the next twenty-four hours and notice the difference.